Relaxed moment: fathers day to do so, your father will be very touched!

 Relaxed moment: fathers day to do so, your father will be very touched!

Father worried alliance stone hammer

I sent it to ten friends, and ten friends laughed and fainted

By the way, let you see the highest realm of hiding private house money!

Father loves like a mountain!

Three years of private house money is 110000, which You can hide 100 every day! It seems that my wife gave me a lot of pocket money.

Good envy, others save money, a prize is 100000 start, and I, can turn out for the trouser pocket 5 yuan happy day.

Brother Xiaoming is different. Dozens of 200 red packets are sent at will!

Do you have, or want to have, a friend like xiaomingge? I think so

A: you should first get a veterinary qualification certificate, then go climbing Mount Everest and collect the crops in the field.

Fat editor: Im a computer student. Show me the bear. Ill teach you how to look for online courses. (error)

Why are all the abnormal male killers in literary works thoughtful, gentle, clean, and detail controlled?

The first half of the year was too bad. Anyway, I believed first Please move to comment area to make a wish. (it must be a positive wish, but not a negative one.)

A girl is cooking eggs at home. She cuts one double yellow one by one. She is shocked by it I wish all the people I see have a good fortune!

When it comes to Midsummer, the most worrying thing this year is to wear a mask..

I cant breathe when I walk all the way with my mask on. I will have heatstroke and suffocation in minutes Do you feel the same way?

So Xiaobian bought the legendary cool mask and used it today. How to say (not advertising)

Its ABC! (Popular Science: ABC, a brand of personal care for women, is popular with women in summer for its cool body feeling.)

In other words, Hin is exciting. I feel my nose is full of mint..

One day after wearing it: why dont I finish it without SixGod?!

Wear Mint mask, drink SixGod coffee, cool in hand, I have it all over the world.

The so-called cool of this mask is entirely due to the mint in it. And the duration is very short. I cant breathe Mint in half an hour or so (maybe I did too much). Pay special attention that this is not a medical mask.

Recently, UNIQLO launched airism series of recyclable masks, which triggered a rush to buy. A large number of Japanese people lined up before UNIQLO opened. The biggest highlight of this mask is that it can be repeatedly washed and used 20 times. It is made of breathable materials, which can keep cool in hot weather and become the most expected product of Japanese consumers.

Japanese people line up to buy UNIQLO cool masks (source: pear video)

Really In the pursuit of physical comfort and recycling, no one can match the Japanese.

You can say, which mask can be washed and used 20 times?

I dont know if the effect of virus isolation is good

Modern young people: ordinary clothes (x) Eve linkage clothes (V)

Who: dont think its disgraceful to wear a mask in public. Someone still wears a Manchester United shirt. Its like saying youre wearing a national football shirt

Manchester United: offended..

To sum up, this summer or try to go out as little as possible, or wear masks heatstroke, do not wear masks poisoning..

There is another reason why we should not go out in summer: some whitening products will stop selling.

The anti racial protest caused by the death of black people has spread from America to many countries. Some of the companys products are also under pressure under ANTI RACISM protests. Not only is the name of black toothpaste likely to change, but Johnson & Johnson recently announced that it has decided to stop selling skin whitening products.

The wheel of history, is this the American version of the text prison? This is the most serious dog Ive ever hitu2014u2014

Under this situation, it is estimated that the US and the US black industry in Europe and the United States will flourish. The whitening cosmetics are out of print. Do they appreciate?

Cold medicine cant only be white. You must take white and black medicine. You can take white medicine in the daytime and black medicine in the evening

The dumpling is black. Whats in it?

On the contrary, our national treasure is black and white, which fully demonstrates the internationalism feelings. Our thoughts and consciousness are all at the forefront of the world and are impeccable.

What effect can such superficial superficial Kung Fu have on real racial discrimination? Some of them are overcorrected Is Alibaba going to change to Ariba, or it will discriminate against mom; Wangzai will change to Wangren, or it will discriminate against children??

In fact, it is only useful to do the corresponding work and solve the fundamental problems.

I have no quarrel with you. Why should I be a fool?

Did you cut the tomato artery

What does the hospital say?

Hospital: dont cut. Im so tired

Its true! Ten were planted on our balcony, and since then the water pipes have been removed.

Big tomato flooded Longwang temple You are a kind of Persimmon in the desert. You can change the desert into an oasis.

Im afraid that the next Anti Japanese drama wont take a big tomato to shoot down the plane?

Bad news! Your 618 express may be burned..

History is always strikingly similar, every year set time: college entrance examination forget to bring card and big promote burning express..

Its over. Ive found the cause of my hair loss shampoo. A strong sense of empathy has begun to hurt.

Logistics show: Dear customer, sorry, your express is burning.

But it doesnt matter if the thing is burned. Its ok if people are safe!

Its said that everything in Dacheng is cheap. If you can stay with me, you should be cheap. (Professor Yin)

According to this years market, your tons of waste books are also very cheap..

A dormitory for college graduates in Xian is full of books, and the book collector says it can collect 7 tons of books a day. A classmate packed a suitcase of books for 4 years and sold them for only 15.6 yuan, which was very painful.

Although a book is valuable, what you have learned in 4 years is priceless!

Do you sell your own? Would you like to find a boyfriend.

Recently, a netizen in Xinjiang uploaded a video. In the students classroom took a warm scene, a boy braided a twist braid for the girl in front, saw someone patted the girl shyly and covered her face, while the boy in the back seemed not to be disturbed and continued to braid with a smile.

Im not the same. My hair burned at the back table of junior high school

Boy: if I have a long hair wheel, can I get you

Maybe He just wants to become Tony when he grows up: Tonys prequel - young Tony..

[live long series - video games approved as prescription drugs

Youre right. For the first time, the U.S. Food and drug administration has approved a video game as a prescription drug for children between the ages of 8 and 12 with ADHD. Clinical trials have shown that one third of children have certain efficacy in at least one object attention test after playing therapy for four weeks, five days a week and 25 minutes a day, and the efficacy can be maintained for one month.

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FDA approved a video game as prescription drug for the first time (source: pear video)

Lol specializes in the treatment of no mother syndrome, csgo specializes in the treatment of old objects can not deal with selective disease. (error)

The problem of abuse of prescription drugs will follow, and then what can be used to treat game addiction?

Answer: teacher Yang Yongxins electric whip

Now I can better understand why E-sports is a sports competition.

However, see the problem clearly! You will find that the game is not equal to CS or lol, nor is it equal to fighting and killing. In fact, a lot of games like wind travelers, Gris, empty knights and Austria Japan will still help children with autism and depression. Its just that three poisons of drugs should be controlled for a long time and drug dependence should not be produced.

Finally, I wonder if you have observed the annular eclipse this afternoon? Its going to be 2030!

This solar eclipse is also called the golden ring solar eclipse, which is very rare. At that time, 99% of the sun will be covered, leaving only a circle of thin Phnom Penh.

What I didnt see, Id like to present you with the most beautiful pictures of the annular eclipse around the world, and feel the charming moment of the next annular eclipse!

Summer solstice day hand in hand day annular eclipse, you hand in hand who?

As for how to spend this wonderful Sunday evening?

It is suggested to have a reunion dinner with your family, or stay alone, prepare some delicious food, drink some beer and watch variety shows or dramas, play games in the dead of night, climb to bed and brush your mobile phone when you yawn.

Dont brush it too late. After all, I have to go to work tomorrow~

Scan the QR code in the figure below, and you can talk with the teacher u2193 u2193 u2193

One question: when he finally left, Monk Tang looked back at his daughter, the king. What was he thinking at that moment?

Last answer up

Please make complaints about Yi!

Make complaints about up

You make complaints about two Tucao friends.

Its like love without an epidemic..

Its easy to have a dream of starvation if you dont eat midnight oil

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