When the Western celebrities were liquidated, the city of Germany erected a statue of Lenin

 When the Western celebrities were liquidated, the city of Germany erected a statue of Lenin

A statue of Lenin was erected in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Source: RT

According to the report, on the same day, Gaby Fichtner, chairman of the Marxist Leninist Party, said that in view of the fact that Europe and the United States are immersed in the movement to get rid of the dark past, this is the right time to erect a statue of Lenin to commemorate the thinker of great significance to world history, whose thought is ahead of the times, and the martyr of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

The era of monuments for racists, anti Semites, fascists, anti Communists and other past figures is clearly over, Fichtner said Recently, anti racist protesters in some parts of Europe and the United States have called for the removal of historical figures related to racism, the report said.

RT noted that the statue was first built in 1957 in former Czechoslovakia. Russias satellite news agency said the statue was Czechoslovakias first single statue cast for Lenin. Later, the German Marxist Leninist Party bought the statue from Austrian sellers and placed it in the western German city.

According to reports, the practice of erecting Lenins statue has caused dissatisfaction of some local far right people. Local police said there were extreme right-wing activists protesting, but it was peaceful. Rt said the citys opposition to the statue was fierce and one of the citys District Councils was firmly opposed. Some members vowed to use all legal means to prevent the erection of the statue of Lenin and to bring the Marxist Leninist Party to court, saying it would harm other historical buildings in the same area. However, the district court dismissed their claim.

The report said that the municipal government changed its strategy and launched an online campaign without Lenins shelter, but failed to prevent the erection of the statue.

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