be vigilant! Eight people ate hot pot with air conditioner on, and all fainted

 be vigilant! Eight people ate hot pot with air conditioner on, and all fainted

But when eating hot pot with air conditioner on, citizens should be careful.

Recently, in a hot pot shop in Zhuhai, some people fainted because they were eating hot pot with air conditioner on. Other people in the same trade also went to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, after treatment, 8 citizens have improved.

Whats the reason, almost killed eight people? According to the epidemiological investigation of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in Zhuhai City, it was finally confirmed that it was an uncomfortable event caused by carbon monoxide.

In this incident, eight people ate hot pot to keep cool, and they were reluctant to run out with cold air. No windows were opened, the door was closed, and the exhaust fan on site was not opened. This led to the lack of oxygen concentration after eating for a long time, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide exceeded the standard, which eventually led to this incident.

This is a typical case of carbon monoxide poisoning in summer. In our impression, carbon monoxide poisoning generally occurs in winter. In fact, both winter and summer are high incidence seasons of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In summer, when the air conditioner is open for a long time, the doors and windows are closed, and the air circulation is not smooth. At this time, cooking and cooking with liquefied gas and other fuels will cause the lack of oxygen in the room, and the carbon monoxide produced is difficult to be discharged to the outside, which will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The reporter learned that carbon monoxide is produced when coal, wood, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas are not completely burned.

In a relatively closed space, if liquefied gas, gas water heater and carbon fire are not used correctly, carbon monoxide poisoning will be easily caused. For example, at home, in order to save electricity, when the air conditioner in the kitchen is turned on, there is no window ventilation, no exhaust fan and range hood. When the gas stove does not have enough oxygen, a large amount of carbon monoxide is generated during combustion. In some restaurants, because the stove is not replaced in time due to aging, the combustion is not sufficient, and a large amount of carbon monoxide is easily generated, which leads to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Zhuhai Xiangzhou District CDC reminded the public that when the air conditioner is on at home and the liquefied gas or coal stove is used for cooking, do not close the doors and windows tightly, but open the windows for ventilation. The chimney and flue mouth shall be inspected and cleaned regularly to keep the smoke passage unblocked and prevent the back pouring of smoke. Remember to open the window in the shower room for ventilation, and take a bath for not too long. Restaurants using carbon or liquefied gas should always open their doors and windows to keep the indoor air fresh. When eating hot pot, choose a restaurant with good ventilation or ventilation facilities.

The car should also be overhauled regularly to eliminate air leakage. Do not sleep in the car with the engine running for a long time, and do not stay in the garage, underground parking lot, underground passage and other places for a long time for the weak.

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