Forward looking: 12 teams play 6 battles: Guangdong Derby + Xinjiang Bayi all China class duel

 Forward looking: 12 teams play 6 battles: Guangdong Derby + Xinjiang Bayi all China class duel

The opening match of the second round, with XI team to challenge Guangxia team. Although the opponent is all huaban, with Xi two foreign aid Joseph - Yang and hardadi in turn, but most of the time with Xi are at a disadvantage, eventually with Xi to 95-112 defeat. In this game, Joseph young was restricted by the other sides defense and scored only 15 points for 5 of 13 shots. It was Li Hongpeng who played the role of a strange soldier, scoring 23 points in 7 out of 10.

Tongxi will still use foreign aid for 4 quarters and 4 person times against Qingdao, which means they need more domestic players, like Li Hongpeng, to come out and open space for foreign aid; Liu Chuanxing, the inner line of Qingdao team, and Lin Weihan, the guard, have made outstanding performances in the first service, and they should continue to lead the team for the first win of the rematch.

12: Shanxi vs Jiangsu, Dongguan

The Shanxi team of the whole huaban team played the defending champion Guangdong in the first battle, without Franklins organization, the Shanxi team fell sharply into the offensive, only 37 points in the first half. Without the help of foreign aid, the marksmans three-point goal was only 6-for-1 and got 9 points. Shanxi team lost 82-105 to Guangdong team.

On the first day of the competition, there was Wu Guanxi guarding the inner line of Jiangsu Province, and foreign aid Blakeney played a key role. With the three-point firepower of Shi Hongfei and Zhao Zhizhou, the strength was better than the Shanxi team of the whole huaban. Under the command of coach besilovic, Jiangsu team is expected to win another victory.

15: 30 Guangxia vs Shanghai, Qingdao

At present, there is only one foreign aid from McCallum in the Shanghai team, and Zhang Zhaoxus recovery from injury has improved the internal strength. Dong Hanlin, Luo Xudong, Cai Liang, Luo Hanchen and other main players need to provide more help at the offensive end.

16: Shenzhen vs Guangdong, Dongguan

Shenzhen team played Jiangsu team for the first time, and they were 20 points behind passively in the first half when they appeared in huaban. After Yi Bian fought again, he Zhongmian, Gu quanlian scored three points, Shen Zijie and Lu Yiwen scored under the basket, and Shenzhen was close to a single digit difference. At the end of the period, Shenzhen continued to chase points, but Jiangsu foreign aid blarney Fawei scored 8 points in a row, and Shenzhen team failed to chase points, losing 98-105 to the opponent.

Guangdong won the first battle in Shanxi with 105-82 bloodless. Yi Jianlian, WEIMS, Zhao Rui and other main forces performed well, and both sides of the offensive and defensive forces firmly suppressed the opponent. In the course of this easy victory, Guangdong team once again revealed its strong strength as a big hit to win the championship.

The Shenzhen team exposed the weakness of lacking the backcourt organizer in the first round of the rematch, Li muhao and Lu Yiwen both suffered injuries, which may affect the next match; on the contrary, Guangdong team has relatively complete lineup, orderly attack and defense organization, and has such a strong weapon as foreign aid WEIMS. Guangdong is dominant in this match, and will win the match without accident.

19: 35 Xinjiang vs Bayi, Qingdao

The opening match of the second round was Xinjiangs first match against Qingdao. They fell behind their rivals all the way. When the game entered the second half, the experience of Xinjiang players played a decisive role. Zhou Qi and fan Zimings inner line attack took whatever they wanted. Koran Baike and Tang Caiyu fired outside the three-point line, and Xinjiang team reversed the situation and finally won the Qingdao team 113-99. Zhou Qi contributed 22 points, 15 rebounds and 6 blocks.

Bayi team is currently at the bottom of the league, and they have several main players in the league, such as Fu Hao, Wang Junjie and Alston. Although the opponent Xinjiang team is the whole huaban team, the national players led by Zhou Qi have obvious advantages. Such a match lacks the suspense of victory and defeat. The young players in Xinjiang, such as Qilin and lutubra, are expected to get more playing time.

20: 00 Tianjin vs Sichuan, Dongguan

Tianjin team at this stage for the whole huaban lineup, panning and Luan Xiaojun due to injury season reimbursement, weakened the teams internal staff thickness. In the second round, Tianjin team should rely more on the personal attacks of Shi Desai and Li Rongpei to drive the whole team to play team basketball.

Sichuan team is also the whole huaban team. They play Jilin team in the first battle. In the absence of veteran Mengda, Sichuan team only has Li Yuanyu as a stable scoring point. He scored 31 points and 10 rebounds in 10 of 15 shots. Finally, Sichuan team, which was weak in overall attack, lost to Jilin team 85-97.

In the battle between Tianjin and Sichuan, the rotation depth of domestic players of both sides will start to compete, and young players may also get certain performance opportunities.