Fanaticism and conspiracy: Berlin Olympic Games under Nazi prosperity

 Fanaticism and conspiracy: Berlin Olympic Games under Nazi prosperity

In January 1933, after struggling for half a day, the old Hindenburg finally signed his name on Hitlers letter of appointment. The former literary youth, the beggar who sold paintings on the banks of the Danube for a living, and the Austrian corporal in the first World War reached the peak of power.

At that time, Germany could only be described as a mess of words.

The Versailles contract left Germany kneeling on the ground, hammered by Britain and France, and then pulled out his sharp claws - no army of its own. Then came the unprecedented economic crisis in 1929.

Six million people are unemployed and 66 million families are struggling in poverty. Decadent people, decadent country.

Shortly after taking office, Hitler was shouting on the radio:

Save the peasants of Germany and maintain the basis of supply and survival! Save German workers and launch a large-scale all-round attack on unemployment.

Most people think its just the wanton spirit of this once vagrant.

Who would have thought that by the end of that year, Hitler and the Nazis had solved one-third of the employment problem. Just five years later, Germanys unemployment rate fell to 1.3%.

At that time, Roosevelt on the other side of the ocean was still driven by inflation.

Why did Hitler do it?

Its just a word - tube.

After Hitler came to power, in addition to the overall control of the economy and various industries.

But that is not enough. Hitler and his team also firmly grasped one area - thought.

Hitler and his Nazis were like a marketing company. Together with Goebbels, he continuously released all kinds of sugar beans for the German people at that time.

Hitler declared: to build a large number of health resorts for workers, a dozen large cruise ships named power comes from joy were designed for ordinary people, and a 4000 km highway was built for the people.

In 1938, Hitler boasted directly that he wanted to design a car for the Germans that everyone could afford. According to the car tycoon Porsche, Hitler drew sketches of more than 10 cars in five minutes in front of him, which stunned the professional.

Although Hitler failed to achieve this goal in his lifetime, the car factory he conceived has remained to this day - Volkswagen. And the national car was officially put into production after the war, named beetle.

In addition, he would like to give the German people a spiritual sugar bean:

In fact, at the beginning, Hitler was opposed to holding the Olympic Games.

Before he came to power in 1933, he fiercely opposed the Weimar Republics bid for the Olympic Games. At that time, Hitler believed that the Olympic Games were a conspiracy between Jews and Freemasons. The so-called cross culture and race spirit of the Olympic Games is also inconsistent with the ideology of the worlds first Nazi Aryans.

Finally, Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels and Nazi sports minister Osten persuaded Hitler. Because the Olympic Games can boost employment.

In the past, the arrogant head of state actually said: when you have four million unemployed people, you have to consider the issue of labor and employment.

In addition, the Olympic Games has its unique hidden attributes:

To the inside, to cheer up the spirit, to the outside, to show strength.


Strong warriors, with discus, javelin and shot put in their hands, show their sculptural bodies in the ruins of Olympia, in the black shadow and white light.

Running, running, starting from Athens, all the way to Berlin, from the glory of Greek culture, through ancient and modern times, to the glory of Germanic.

This is the beginning of the film Olympia directed by rifenstar, a famous Nazi German director. This is the best work in both film history and Olympic history. It shows a fantastic and realistic event to people 80 years later.

In addition, the Berlin Olympic Games also set many first, the first live broadcast, the first television broadcast, the first Olympic torch relay.

At the opening ceremony, 4000 young women and 800 young men performed camp, flag and ancient battle in an endless stadium.

Hundreds of thousands of people were integrated into the performance. Chu Anping, a great intellectual and journalist in China, was affected by this uniform atmosphere and wrote excitedly:

I feel honored. I can be one of these hundreds of thousands of people. How solemn the scene is. How noble is our feeling at this time!

When the athletes entered the stadium, the athletes from Canada, Mexico, France, Austria, Hungary, Uruguay and other countries raised their hands to Hitler to show their loyalty to the Nazis. This once vagrant and down to earth man just waved his right arm.

There is no better way for all nations to come to Korea.

All of these show the prosperity and prosperity of Germany to the whole world.

In the Berlin newspaper attack, Goebbels shouted to the citizens of Berlin:

Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels

In order to eliminate the impression of international public opinion on the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany, Hitler also made a great concession. He made the SS and the stormtroopers clear all the slogans of Jews are not welcome, drew a line with the Nazi newspaper the Stormtrooper, and even appointed the Jewish Wolfgang fillstner as the head of the Olympic village.

Whats more amazing is that its to embody tolerance. The Nazi German delegation found a Jewish athlete to cover up, Helene Mayer, a fencer who had settled in the United States at that time, and she finally won a silver medal for Germany. Maya is the only Jew in the whole German representation, but in fact, her Jewish lineage only accounts for half of her body.

There are all kinds of entertainment and banquets regardless of cost. Goering, Ribbentrop and Goebbels held a sumptuous banquet for foreign guests.

Among them, Goebbels held a banquet called Italian night in funningsell, near Wangxi lake, and hosted more than 1000 guests (including Chinese journalist Chu Anping). The scene was just like the story in the Arabian Nights.

According to the famous journalist William schayler, the guests, especially those from Britain and the United States, were very impressed by what they saw - it was obviously a happy, healthy and friendly nation under the leadership of Hitler. They said it was quite different from the impression they got when they read the Berlin telegraph in the newspaper.

The sun can dispel the darkness, but it can also leave some shadow in the world full of sunshine.

The Nazis hated Jews, and it was disgusting to see black people with dark skin.

Win gold by black people.

It was rumored that when Jesse Owens, an American black, knocked out the Germans and won the gold medal in the long jump, Hitler left the stadium angrily in order not to shake hands with the black man.

But in fact, Hitler was very restrained at that time.

Considering the international public opinion, during the Olympic Games, Hitler called the winning German athletes to his box to congratulate them, but the International Olympic Committee reminded him not to violate the spirit of internationalism of the Olympic Games and discriminate against the winners of other countries. Either all the winners should be congratulated indiscriminately, or no one should be congratulated.

Hitler, of course, chose the latter, and then only privately congratulated the German athletes.

However, Hitler did express his dissatisfaction with Owenss winning the championship.

He once make complaints about his close friend, Nazi architect Speer Tucao:

Owens was able to win because primitive humans were physically stronger.

On the surface, its good to do one thing in the drama of openness and tolerance for Jews. In private

Gretel Bergmann, a 22-year-old Jewish high jumper, is a genius, breaking the German high jump record at the age of 17.

Unfortunately, at the age of 19, when the Nazis came to power, she was forced to leave her hometown to study in England. During his stay in the UK, he won the British high jump championship.

For the embarrassment of public opinion, the Nazis threatened her family and forced Bergman to return to Germany to compete, but in the process of training she was not given the best sports equipment.

One month after the opening of the Olympic Games, the Nazis gave Bergman a passenger order, saying she was not allowed to compete because of her unsatisfactory performance. Bergmans teammates were told that she was absent because of an injury.

Bergman was lucky, because with her achievements, the Nazis did not dare to do anything about her during the Olympic Games, but Bergmans Jewish compatriots were not so lucky.

Around the Berlin Olympic Games, the anti Semitic movement of Nazi Germany reached a small peak.

First, the Nuremberg act deprived Jews of their civil rights, and then expelled Jews in various fields. A large number of Jews lost their jobs and income. Even the necessary necessities of life cannot be purchased, because many shops have signs outside:

Jews are not allowed in.

A large number of regions in Germany have put up slogans:

Jews are not allowed in this city.

The Jews are responsible for their own safety when they enter here.

In addition, in order to make a positive impression on the world, the Nazi authorities arrested all the people with criminal records, some of them were expelled, some were temporarily put in prison.

Main stadium of Berlin Olympic Games

In other ways, the Nazis restored German forces, marched into Rhineland and expanded their forces for war. Within Hitlers supreme command, a plan of aggression was drawn up, waiting to be carried out.

Before the doves of peace in the Olympic Games left, Germany launched the Second World War, flashed Poland and invaded hobilu.

In 1940, when marshal bedang signed his name on the surrender, France lowered its proud head.

Hitler and his Nazi Germany reached their peak at this time.

And his clamour reverberated throughout Europe:

I want the Olympic Games after 1940 to be held in Germany!

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