Bail of 750000 US dollars in Freud case

 Bail of 750000 US dollars in Freud case

According to reports, former police officer Alexander king was released on bail on June 19 after paying $750000 in bail, according to prison records in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Thomas prengit, his lawyer, confirmed the news, but no further statement has been provided.

Previously, Alexander king and two other former police officers were charged with aiding and abetting the second degree murder and aiding and abetting the second degree manslaughter in Freud case. Judge skrjin ruled that the bail of the three persons was an unconditional one million dollars, or the bail could be reduced to 750000 dollars if there were conditions attached, but the defendant had to turn in the guns he held and prohibit contact with Freuds family, etc.

While Xiao Wan, a former Freudian policeman who kneels down to kill, faces the crime of second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. Prosecutors have asked Ming state circuit judge reading to raise his unconditional bail from $1 million to $1.25 million, and conditional bail from $750000 to $1 million. The judge granted the request.

On May 25, Minneapolis police arrested Freud, an African-American man, and pressed his neck with his knees for a long time. Freud died later. The incident triggered a wave of mass protests in the United States and many countries.

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