Three more statues have been pulled down by protesters in the United States, including the American lyricist

 Three more statues have been pulled down by protesters in the United States, including the American lyricist

ABC: the statue of Francis Scott Key

According to the report, in 1812, the Americans defeated the British in the battle of Fort McKen and Henry. Francis saw the American flag flying at that time, so he wrote a poem called the Star Spangled Banner, which was then composed and widely sung. In 1931, the Star Spangled Banner was designated as the National Anthem of the United States by Congress.

Live video shows that the protesters are very emotional, after pulling down the statue, the crowd broke out cheers. There were also demonstrators setting off fireworks at the scene.

NBC media said that in addition to the statue of Francis, two other statues in the park were pulled down, namely the statues of Spanish missionary Junipero Serra and the 18th president of the United States Julius Simpson grant. According to the report, Serra was charged with crimes against Native Americans, while Francis aroused public outrage because of his slavery status, and grant met both of them.

As of the afternoon of June 19, at least 22 cities had removed or approved the removal of statues related to the southern Federation during the protest, ABC reported. On June 14, protesters in Portland, the United States, knocked down the statue of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and the main drafter of the declaration of independence. On the 18th, protesters in the city pushed down the statue of George Washington, the founding president of the United States.

Confederate monuments are falling across the United States. According to a previous article on the website of Smithsonian magazine, the public and government officials in the United States are liquidating public memorials related to slave owners, federations and other controversial political figures in protest against the violent law enforcement by the police and systematic racism, which have been promised or started by the governments of many states.

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