Heilongjiang adjusts the negative list to include KTV, theater, bath, etc

 Heilongjiang adjusts the negative list to include KTV, theater, bath, etc

The novel coronavirus infection leading group command of all new cities should be handled by all municipalities and municipalities.

To implement novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism, and to guide the new prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation (national invention electricity [2020] 14), we should implement general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech and important guidance on the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the economic and social development of the new crown pneumonia under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the current situation of the epidemic situation in our province, the notice on the adjustment of the negative list is as follows:

1. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation in Heilongjiang province is guided by the guidance of the three level emergency response work on the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in Henan Province (black epidemic disease is issued by [No. 2020] No. 111). The municipalities and municipalities should scientifically judge the situation of the local epidemic prevention and control, and formulate the negative list of their own jurisdiction according to their own conditions, adjust dynamically according to the original principles of the territorial management, adjust the zoning and classification, strictly implement the preventive and control measures of industrial normalization and the legal system according to the law. Set the relevant guidelines.

2u3001 The municipal (local) governments (agencies) should strengthen organizational leadership, implement the responsibility of relying on the territory, adhere to the prevention and control in accordance with the law, scientific prevention and control, joint prevention and control, develop emergency plans, improve emergency response capacity, strictly implement the requirements of various measures for the prevention and control of normalized epidemic, and create conditions and provide guarantee for the overall restoration of normal production and living order. For the key places to be opened, each city (prefecture) shall evaluate according to the industrys normalized epidemic prevention and control measures and guidelines, open one by one and implement the measures and guidelines in place.

3u3001 The competent departments at all levels shall strengthen the supervision and guidance of the implementation of the industrys normalized epidemic prevention and control measures and guidelines, carry out regular open and closed visits, timely rectify problems found, and deal with those who refuse to implement the industrys normalized prevention and control measures and guidelines in accordance with the law and regulations. Cultural and tourism departments are responsible for cultural and tourism business places such as entertainment hall, Internet bar, KTV concert hall, dance hall, theater and indoor scenic spot, business department is responsible for public bath, and sports department is responsible for indoor sports venues. At the same time, the health department should do a good job in the supervision, inspection and guidance of epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the principle of prevention, and do a good job in disinfection and other related work guidance. The specific work of negative list adjustment shall be led by the commercial department.

Four, the province novel coronavirus infection pneumonia Leading Group Command Office on the dynamic adjustment of the trade and services industry to restart the negative list notice (black disease refers to the [2020] 115) at the same time abolished.

Novel coronavirus infection in Heilongjiang

Headquarters office of epidemic situation leading group

June 20, 2020