Beijing Dongcheng police control 6 drug-related personnel 2 people are suspected of drug trafficking

 Beijing Dongcheng police control 6 drug-related personnel 2 people are suspected of drug trafficking

Police control the suspect Huang at home. Police map

Tian Hui, director of Andingmen police station of Dongcheng Public Security Bureau, said that Zhao, a drug addict, had been controlled recently according to the clues provided by the drug control team of the branch. Zhao confessed that his drugs were purchased from a woman named Huang. Through the touch platoon, the police found Huang, and locked its location, and its control at home. When Huang was arrested, there were drug taking tools and two bags of white powder on the tea table beside her.

According to the investigation, Huang is 49 years old and unemployed for a long time. At first, she only admitted her drug use, not the fact of drug trafficking. After the search, the police soon found several packages of drugs packed in separate bags on the dressing table, which were found to be 9 grams of heroin and methamphetamine.

Tian Hui told reporters that when dealing with the old way drug traffickers, it is a psychological tug of war. He also wants to know what we have, and we want him to say what we dont have as soon as possible. In general, when the suspect knows that the police have enough evidence to convict, the suspects inner defense line will be broken.

In the face of the detected methamphetamine, Huang confessed that he had been taking drugs for many years. Because he had no source of income, he began to take drugs by peddlers. The drugs that had been repacked on the table were what she was going to deliver to her family. Huang confessed that the trading place is generally located in the remote corner of the corridor and park. This time, the trading place is located near the park on the north side of the Yonghe palace. Police immediately went to the scene for ambush, waiting for the people who came to pick up the goods. Wang Mou, a drug-related person who came to buy drugs, was controlled by the police on the spot.

After questioning, Wang confessed that he had bought drugs in the hands of a woman surnamed Huang many times. Wang confessed that he was 26 years old. At a party two years ago, he was infected with drugs. Every time, he asked several friends to go out for drug addiction. Tian Hui said that after Wang was under control, several of his drug friends kept calling him to urge him to take drugs. According to Wangs confession, police control two drug addicts in Fengtai District.

At present, Wang and Huang have been detained by Dongcheng Public Security Bureau for drug trafficking, and the other four drug addicts have been detained by public security.

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