International people severely criticized the so-called frontier related bill of the United States - its unreasonable to pass the so-called bill

 International people severely criticized the so-called frontier related bill of the United States - its unreasonable to pass the so-called bill

Yuan De, deputy director of the Department of Asian Studies on China and globalization at Mahidol University in Thailand, said that interference in other countries internal affairs under the pretext of so-called human rights, nationalities and religions is a common trick of some countries. The U.S. signed the so-called 2020 Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act into law, which is a gross interference in Chinas internal affairs and a serious violation of international law and norms of international relations. China is constantly taking measures to promote the development of Xinjiang, and other countries have no right to gossip. On the issue of counter-terrorism, all countries should coordinate and seek development in stability.

Samia, director of the International Department of Egyptian pyramid economic weekly, once made a field trip to Xinjiang and published many objective articles about Xinjiang. Samia told our reporter that Xinjiang has made remarkable achievements in social stability, peoples living and working in peace, harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups, economic development and other aspects. There is no so-called human rights problem. The U.S. accusations against China are unreasonable. Passing the so-called bill is unreasonable and a gross interference in Chinas internal affairs.

Xie monile, director of the planning department of the forum project of the alliance of civil society organizations in Cambodia, said that there are many ethnic groups in China and the system of regional ethnic autonomy has Chinese characteristics. The governance of Xinjiang is an important part of Chinas national governance, and outsiders have no right to criticize. There is a saying in Cambodia that only in ones own house can one know whether the eaves block the rain.. Under the pretext of human rights and democracy, the United States made laws to interfere in Chinas internal affairs, which is laughable and shameful, and an infringement on Chinas sovereignty.

We can see clearly that the United States has intervened recklessly in the Middle East and other regions, destroying regional peace, and the people of many countries have not been lifted out of poverty and war so far, shermonelle said As the worlds second largest economy, China is moving in the right direction of development and bringing opportunities for development and prosperity to Asia and even the world. Shermonelle believes that the United States has been seen through by most countries for its small actions for political purposes. On the principle of safeguarding sovereignty and promoting development, China will not give in. The United States should be aware of this.

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