The uncompleted building is so fragrant! One day after the transformation, 1 billion yuan will be easily earned. The rich like it

 The uncompleted building is so fragrant! One day after the transformation, 1 billion yuan will be easily earned. The rich like it

But one day, it was saved and transformed into skp-s shopping mall, which became the weathervane for the second generation of emperor Du Fu and the star online red to compete for punch cards. At the time of the annual celebration, the daily sales reached more than 1 billion. It can be said that SKP is the most attractive department store in China.

Its really inconvenient for consumers to cross the outdoor road to enter the mall. But it cant stop the peoples love and enthusiasm for it.

As the second luxury department store in the world, skp-s focuses on immersive experience stores. Its interior decoration design not only conforms to the aesthetic taste of young people, but also has the fashion elements of luxury. There are also masterpieces of famous designers. Whether you like art or fashion, or technology, commerce, luxury goods, it is contracted for you! For example, its second floor Mars Museum is decorated with industrial style. The Zeppelin model, the first spacecraft to land on Mars a hundred years ago, is quietly docked on the surface of Mars.

By the way, if you like small animals, you can also let a group of sheep and 450 penguins turn around for you.

Fairytale in the marketplace: old residential buildings are renovated into kindergartens

What should a kindergarten look like? The YangZheng kindergarten donated and built by Pan Shiyi is the pioneer light in China. Its large, small and 438 pieces of colored glass are enough to make people happy.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, there is also a lively and playful online Red kindergarten. Note that this kindergarten is not a new building rising from the ground. It is directly reconstructed from the old residential buildings. Due to the shortage of land resources, there is no way to find suitable land, and we can only make do with it.

Although it is a second decoration, but after the painstaking planning of kientruco architectural firm, the face value is too beautiful!

The transformed kindergarten has five floors, and the lower three floors are used as classrooms and indoor amusement parks. The above two levels are used to organize activities, staff training and school management departments. It is located in the residential area, surrounded by the old wooden structure of the house, but injected new vitality. During the day, children learn and play in it. From random and irregular window holes, they can see the life breath of clothes and quilts; at night, it calms down and decorates the old space with neon light and shadow, creating a charming and fairy tale atmosphere.

The image wall of net red in Lanwei building: attracting tourists to stop to watch, take photos and punch in cards

The uncompleted building in Nanao is a water conservancy building located in the middle section of Haibin road. There is no external wall on the upper floor, only a frame structure has been built, which has certain security risks, and its appearance affects the overall image. In order to improve the residential environment and create a more beautiful and livable Nanao, the relevant government departments decided to upgrade the building.

The project combines the surrounding buildings for comprehensive overall transformation and upgrading. The facade and exterior wall of the building adopt new lightweight punching materials. The 3D visual angle of Yuezhi is composed of the maximum wind guidance of the punching design and the punching design. The reconstructed ecological image wall is equipped with a high-definition LED screen sound system in the center, so that you can feel the high-quality audio-visual effect when standing on the seaside road, and it is very convenient to do live broadcast propaganda at major events.

The renovation and upgrading of the uncompleted building is quite successful in the eyes of the household gentleman. It not only optimizes the landscape of the uncompleted building itself, but also greatly improves the overall landscape effect along the Haibin Road, attracting tourists to stop and watch, and the local people are happy to shoot a video circle of friends.

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