Research in Guangdong with father Xi Zhongxun

Reflecting on Xi Jinpings eyes standing behind him

The responsibility of serving Splendid China

Always remembered in Xi Jinpings heart.

Father love boxing

To set a good example

Family style inheritance

great virtue will cast a long shadow

Xi Zhongxun, an old revolutionary

Personality and morality

Faith and pursuit

Had a profound impact on Xi Jinping.

Father and son share one heart and inherit responsibility

Take the lead in every word and deed

Serve the country and the people wholeheartedly

You are like an old ox,

Work silently for the Chinese people.

It also inspired me to devote my whole life to

In the cause of serving the people.

It is the clank pledge written by Xi Jinping to the people.

Care for the people

Never change your heart, never change your heart