A big villa for the poor? Why is it better to live in a villa than an apartment

 A big villa for the poor? Why is it better to live in a villa than an apartment

Appearance: most of the one family buildings are 2-3 floors, with a small area, generally around 100-200 u33a1. Japan is a country with frequent earthquakes, so more than 85% of such one family building houses adopt wooden structure.

One family building has its own spacious parking space, so you dont need to worry about buying a parking space alone. The car is parked at the door of your home, which is super convenient.

Living room: the high-rise living room is very spacious and bright. The high-rise space has the effect of visual extension, which makes the mind have the effect of precipitation and decompression.

Toilet: Japanese toilets have always been highly praised. Three type separation toilet area is meticulous, which can be used by three or four people at the same time. Intelligent toilet, bathtub and other facilities are available.

Balcony: the vision of the balcony is very wide, and there are humanized clothes hangers, uneven external walls, which have the effect of flame retardant in case of fire.

Historical reasons: the basic reason why so many one family building buildings appear in Japan is the strong support of the Japanese government. After the defeat of World War II in 1945, most of the central cities in Japan became desolate, resulting in the increasingly urgent housing demand of post-war residents. In the large environment of more people and less land, the landlord starts from the price of land and has a complete and well-equipped house which becomes the yearning of the people.

In order to solve the housing problem, the Japanese government promulgated the housing finance public treasury law and the public housing law in the 1950s. So that a large part of Japanese residents can borrow enough building money at a very low interest rate, and one family building began to rise. In the 1960s, the Japanese economy took off. The government put forward the Five-Year Plan for housing construction and one set for one family, one room for one person, and simultaneously seized public rental housing and single house. One family building has become the main support object, and a single family villa is blooming everywhere, which also causes the problem of local land shortage in large cities.

Compared with one family building, the price of apartments in Japan is quite high. For any high-level apartment in Tokyo, the price of the highest-level 230 square meters is 1.5 billion yen (about 100 million yuan). There are good security, complete surrounding facilities and convenient living, as well as special cleaning personnel. Of course, they also have to bear high property management costs. So in Japanese movies, we often see the phenomenon that the poor live in villas and the rich live in apartments.

In Japan, what has the land is private, so long as you have a piece of land, you has the final say. So the average wage earner in Japan can afford a single house with a loan. I dont know if you prefer to live in apartments or one family building like villas?