A 24-year-old female teacher was killed in a crash in the middle of the night

 A 24-year-old female teacher was killed in a crash in the middle of the night

Shehong police released a notice Tuesday saying the driver was suspected of escaping from a drunken driving accident and had asked the procuratorate to approve the arrest of the driver.

Family members of the deceased: the perpetrator intentionally crashed into pedestrians by drug and alcohol driving that night

On the evening of the 20th, the mother of the deceased posted an online message asking for help, saying that the driver who caused the accident that night intentionally drove into the passer-by because he drank alcohol and drank poison and was angry with others in the bar. After seeing several people fall to the ground, he did not stop, but stepped on the accelerator to escape.

The mother of the dead said that she was a single mother and the dead was a 24-year-old kindergarten teacher, her only support. It has been more than 10 days since the incident, and the family members of the perpetrators have no attitude and have never appeared. The mother said the police didnt give more information about the case, just let the family wait.

Cover news: is the driver poisoned?

Cover news: is the driver drunk?

Cover news: did the driver intentionally drive into the passer-by? Is there any monitoring?

Shehong police detailed notice:

At about 1:00 on June 10, 2020, Wenmou (male, 38 years old, Shehong man) drove all his license plates of chuanj915 * * two car Suzuki minicar, driving south to north along the Binjiang Road in our city. When passing by the hotel of San Diego, he collided with Tianmou, shuimou, Ni Mou and Gao Mou who were staying on the motorway, resulting in one death and three injuries. Wenmou drove away. After receiving the police, Shehong Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately organizes traffic police brigade, Criminal Investigation Brigade and police station to carry out case investigation. At about 6:00 that day, the traffic police brigade arrested Wen Mou, the driver of the accident, and brought him to justice; at about 13:00, the police sent Wen Mous urine and blood samples for examination; at about 23:00, Wen Mou was detained by Shehong Municipal Public Security Bureau for suspected traffic accident. Subsequently, the traffic police brigade carried out the accident vehicle identification, questioning witnesses, transfer monitoring and other related investigation and evidence collection work. On June 17, Shehong Municipal Public Security Bureau applied to Shehong Municipal Peoples Procuratorate for Wens approval of arrest.

While carrying out the investigation work according to law, the police in charge of handling cases shall timely inform the families of the dead and the injured of the progress of the investigation and collect the opinions of the relevant parties. On June 16, the traffic police brigade sent the notice of identification opinions related to the corpse inspection, vehicle identification, alcohol detection and drug detection to the family members of the deceased according to law (the content of alcohol in a certain blood submitted for examination was 37.1mg/100ml, and the components of methamphetamine and amphetamine were detected in the urine). At present, two of the three injured have been discharged and one is undergoing treatment (with stable vital signs). Next, the traffic police brigade will actively build a communication platform to coordinate compensation between the two parties. At the same time, the public security organ will further fix the evidence and investigate the legal responsibility of the driver.

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