Even the dining table is Armanis mansion. It costs 50 million yuan to start with

 Even the dining table is Armanis mansion. It costs 50 million yuan to start with

The mansion covers an area of 256 square meters, 6 rooms, 9 halls and 7 bathrooms in total, but the total price is 50 million yuan. Although the area is not large, its interesting that it plays the charm of song style outdoors, and the modern simplicity is appreciated indoors.

Introduction to the community: the entrance is a very aggressive 4.5-meter-high pure copper gate, which takes 1 year to forge, but only takes 3 seconds to open intelligently.

The mirror pools on both sides reflect the shy black pines, forming a stacked landscape through the grid, which looks very aesthetic.

Yard: in the center of the yard is a round water bowl. Its the same intention as the water tank of Beijing Quadrangle. Its very particular about Fengshui. The mountain is in charge of the people and the water is in charge of the wealth. The mountains and rivers are very rich.

Entrance lobby: finally, the vertical and horizontal metal grilles at the door of the unit make the vision very clear, and the vertical wooden grilles at the entrance lobby make the vision very focused. The entrance door is an ultra-high armored door. Its no problem to carry an Italian gun with this thickness.

Porch: when entering the house, the porch is presented in a unified form, which is still a metal grille, connecting the wooden roof without main lamp and the deep palm marble floor, making the space feel very three-dimensional.

Living room: the wall material of living room is smooth from metal to stone, which is not abrupt at all. It is also a harmonious transition of warm color system. The sofa is also customized by the top brand. The table is decorated with two pots of small flowers, which is not only bold and unrestrained, but also elegant and correct.

Kitchen: inside, its a U-shaped variable kitchen. Instead of a simple physical division with the dining room, you can pass through the jade glass door and use an operating platform as a pass through area. In this way, the two aunts in the family can work together and enjoy the delicious food.

Master bedroom suite: at the entrance of the master bedroom suite, there are elegant gray wall cloth on both sides, which completes the light and shade transition from the living room to the master bedroom. The light belt of the storage niche on one side reflects the auxiliary of the atmosphere light. While the wooden grille separates the double windows and the desk, it will not block the vision completely.

Only in the master bedroom with a large enough area, which is big enough to plug two windows, can you easily extend the space feeling to the outside.

The whole set of sanitary wares for the main bathroom are of top brands, and the price may be changed to a Tesla. The design of the double platform basin enables the couple to save time better. The girl looks at her full vanity mirror, and she is expected to be in a bright mood every day;

Nanny room: on the left is a double nanny suite. Its different from all nanny rooms I saw before. Nanny here uses furniture made by top brands. According to 10 square meters, the value of this nanny room plus soft clothes can top your suite.

It is commendable that this kind of project is actually in Zhengzhou. Thats because I thought before that Zhengzhou is an inland city after all, not along the river, not along the coast, not along the border. Compared with the first tier cities, it must lag behind in all aspects, and the quality of the houses is not so high. I didnt expect to face it. I feel that Zhengzhous traditional industries are catching up with the new infrastructure, the level of talents is getting higher and higher, and the speed of urban renewal is getting faster and faster. Seeing your hometown is getting better and better. If you are from Zhengzhou, would you like to come back to see the changes in your hometown?

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