Unite under the banner of multilateralism

 Unite under the banner of multilateralism

Strengthening multilateral cooperation is the proper meaning of global solidarity against the epidemic. In the face of virus, the common enemy of mankind, the international community should take up the most powerful weapon of unity and cooperation to fight against the epidemic and win the battle. Cooperation is a high-frequency term of the special summit on China Africa solidarity against epidemic. The largest developing countries join hands with the most concentrated continent of developing countries to show solidarity and fight side by side, vividly interpreting the profound connotation of China Africa community of common destiny and setting a new benchmark for international anti epidemic cooperation. African Central unity and better multilateral cooperation are the key to win the fight against the epidemic, said lamafossa, the rotating president of the African Union and South Africa president. The novel coronavirus pneumonia, Guterres, stressed the need for the international community to unite and support each other. This is the core of multilateralism.

The epidemic is also a test of global governance. Only by upholding the correct concept of international cooperation, can we think about and work hard to achieve real results in the anti epidemic action. The most basic principle of multilateralism is that international affairs should be handled through consultation by all countries, in accordance with the agreed rules, and in consideration of the interests and concerns of all countries. China and African countries have always firmly adhered to this most basic principle. In the joint statement of the summit, the two sides reiterated their firm support for multilateralism, oppose unilateralism, safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core, and safeguard international equity and justice. In the face of global challenges, the world needs to adhere to multilateralism, which is the general consensus of the current international community. When some politicians in some countries ignored the facts and accused who, the United Nations General Assembly, the European Union, the African Union, the non aligned movement, the group of 77 and China and others expressed their firm support for who, which also strongly illustrated this point.

We should practice multilateralism and firmly safeguard international fairness and justice. Only when all parties participate equally, can multilateral mechanisms have vitality, form effective joint forces, and then safeguard international equity and justice. In the same way, only by safeguarding international fairness and justice can we maintain the vitality of multilateral mechanisms and pool global anti epidemic efforts. Some politicians in some countries have politicized and labeled the epidemic and engaged in racial discrimination and ideological prejudice, which are totally counter current and seriously threaten the overall situation of global cooperation against the epidemic. China and Africa jointly expressed their opposition to the politicization and labelling of the epidemic, called on the international community to jointly prevent discrimination and stigmatization, crack down on false and false information, and demonstrated their firm will to uphold international fairness and justice. These important consensus are conducive to promoting international cooperation in anti epidemic and safeguarding the common interests of developing countries.

Unity is strength. The prevention and control of epidemic situation is related to human health and well-being, the development and prosperity of the world, and the future and destiny of mankind. The world must unite under the banner of multilateralism. The China Africa special summit on solidarity against epidemic has sent out a strong voice in support of multilateralism, sang the theme of solidarity and cooperation, and played an important role in promoting global solidarity against epidemic.