Zhang Benzhi and gratitude for his fathers love: watching Zhang Jikes video guide me to win Olympic gold and repay him

 Zhang Benzhi and gratitude for his fathers love: watching Zhang Jikes video guide me to win Olympic gold and repay him

Now ranked fourth in the mens singles world, Zhang Benzhi and sent a thank-you note to his father to Japanese media report sports. In this thank you article, Zhang Benzhi and said: since I started playing table tennis at the age of 2, my father has been guiding me. He seldom lost his temper with me. He always taught me gently, which made me like table tennis and helped me to stick to it to this day.

Zhang Benzhi and his special thanks to his father for his help in technology. In technology, what benefits me most is the backhand stroke my father taught me in grade 4 of my primary school. At that time, Zhang Jike, the champion of London Olympic Games, and other Chinese players all used this technology. My father watched their videos and taught me to practice constantly, so that I could use my wrist To practice hitting, now its my strongest weapon

When encountering difficulties, it was my father who gave me directions, Zhang benzhihe said: I remember the 2016 World Youth Championships. Zhao Shengmin, a Korean player, was 5 years older than me. When I felt that I couldnt win the competition, my father told me that if I couldnt win the competition, I would defend with my heart. At last, I realized the counter attack. Without my father, I would never win. I think I will be confident if I win, and this victory makes me feel confident when I start to fight in the world, so I am most impressed by this victory.

Although Tokyo Olympic Games is postponed to 2021, Zhang benzhihes gold medal goal has not changed. The Olympic Games will be postponed to next year, I feel sorry at the beginning, but I realize that one more year of training can be more effective. Compared with myself this year, 2021 Olympic Games is an enhanced version of my competition, let alone I am younger than my rivals, so the Olympic postponement has nothing to do with my physical condition Impact.

My goal remains the same. Its still to win the gold medal. In my opinion, its the best gift for parents to raise themselves. To win the gold medal on the Olympic stage is the task I can accomplish. During the epidemic period, Zhang Benzhi and the Japanese national team trained on the Internet while practicing in Sendai. On June 22, Zhang Ben, who will be 17 years old or older, said that he would work hard to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Japanese fans also wish Zhang Benzhi and his best wishes. Zhang Benzhen is a good boy, he has never been scolded. He is very good at table tennis and learning, especially not scolded. I want to ask your father for education.