The scale is second only to that of the new development area, Chaoyang District, Dayang Road market, and the retail business is cancelled

 The scale is second only to that of the new development area, Chaoyang District, Dayang Road market, and the retail business is cancelled

In order to avoid the gathering of people, Dayang Road market, the second largest wholesale market in Chaoyang City, decided to cancel its retail business and no longer accept individual shopping. At the same time, the market ensures supply through strict killing, scientific and technological prevention and control, and maintains the safety of the citys vegetable basket.

At 4:00 p.m. on June 21, after taking the temperature and showing the health treasure green code, the reporter walked into the market of Dayang road under the guidance of the staff.

In the car market, a huge trading hall shed passed by: fruit, seafood, beef and mutton, leafy vegetables, non-staple food seasoning However, there is no hot and noisy trading scene in the hall shed, but people wearing protective clothing carry out killing.

Dayang Road market has a history of 23 years, covering an area of 600 mu, with 3061 merchants, second only to Xinfadi in scale, and its meat and egg trading volume accounts for more than half of the city. Feng Wei, general manager of the market, said that in the past, they used to do wholesale business at night and retail business during the day, almost 24 hours a day. People from all over the country come here to buy. Before that, if you come to the market at this time, youll be stuck in a tight corner. He said.

Since the 15th of this month, in order to avoid personnel gathering and make time for detailed killing, the market of Dayang road has bid farewell to the business model of wholesale and retail, no longer accepts individual shopping of citizens, and only retains the wholesale business at night.

In response to the epidemic, a new killing system has been established in the market of Dayang road. Kill 4 times a day in the hall shed and 2 times a day in the residential area and public area outside the hall shed to ensure full coverage without dead corners. At the same time, 42 public hand basins were added in the market.

Li Minglei, the merchant, has been operating in the niuyangrou hall for eight years. The killing work in the market makes him exclaim strict and meticulous Even the cutting machine fixed on the stand should be removed completely, and no dead corner should be left for cleaning and disinfection. Li Minglei said that in the past, when cleaning the stall, we used to wash it with water, so the ground was always watery. Now experts say that its better to keep the hall and shed dry. So the market specially sends people to kill with medicine, but also uses the high pressure gun to flush the sewer

Every night, more than 3000 trucks will drive into the market of Dayang road to transport vegetables, eggs and meat to the farmers market in Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Yizhuang and other places, as well as many catering units in the city. The market of Dayang road is equipped with additional security personnel, who are on duty 24 hours a day, and a face recognition and temperature measurement system is installed at the entrance. All personnel entering the market must wear masks and gloves, measure the temperature up to the standard, hold the health code and complete background data entry.

In order to maintain the stability of the citys vegetable basket, the price of 18 kinds of vegetables in Dayang Road market is continuously tracked and the price fluctuation is monitored. At present, affected by the temporary closure of the new market, the trading volume of some categories in the market of Dayang road has increased greatly, but most of its vegetables, meat and other products are directly supplied from the origin, so the supply volume is sufficient and the price is stable.

At present, more than 8200 people, including market employees, merchants and family members, have all been tested for nucleic acids. The disease control department has also carried out sampling tests for the external environment of the market, and the results are all negative. Two food testing laboratories are also operating at full speed. More than 200 categories of vegetables and meat are tested every night.

Next, Dayang Road market plans to open a through train for vegetables, eggs and meat, promote the direct supply of healthy food to communities and families, and ensure the living needs of surrounding residents. At the same time, Shibalidian township will also formulate the traffic prevention and control work plan around the market, scientifically plan the traffic lines, strengthen the prevention and control of key areas and emergency preparedness, guarantee the surrounding traffic environment, and strengthen the management of personnel, stalls and transport vehicles within the market.

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