PEPSI CHINA: normal production and supply of Pepsi Cola beverage factory without confirmed cases

 PEPSI CHINA: normal production and supply of Pepsi Cola beverage factory without confirmed cases

PepsiCo China said that the production and operation of PepsiCo beverage filling plant has been carried out in an orderly manner, and has not stopped production and operation. The whole series of PepsiCo beverage products meet various national standards and have been supplied normally according to law.

Beijing News reporter understands that the food company with the confirmed case is Daxing Ciwei Road branch of PepsiCo company and the manufacturer of expanded food and food processing products such as potato chips. Fan Zhimin, corporate publicity director of PepsiCos Greater China Group Affairs Department, informed the press conference that the company had started the emergency plan as soon as possible after the confirmed cases occurred, and had taken measures such as shutdown, product sealing, environmental killing, personnel isolation, etc., and had conducted a full range of sampling and investigation on products and regular environment.

In addition, Beijing Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Pepsi company, is located in Daxing District. According to the equity structure, the controlling shareholder of Beijing Pepsi Cola is Pepsi (China) Investment Co., Ltd., accounting for 65% of the shares; Beijing Yiqing Holding Co., Ltd., 35% of the shares, is also 100% of the controlling shareholders of Beijing Beibingyang Food Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yili Food Co., Ltd u3002 On June 21, Beijing Yiqing Food Group Co., Ltd. issued a clarification statement, saying that there was no epidemic situation in its Yili or Arctic factory. The company carried out nucleic acid test for all employees, and the test result was 100% negative.

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