What kind of world will Beidou +5G open?

 What kind of world will Beidou +5G open?

Industrial chain ready

The space segment and the ground segment of the satellite navigation industry chain are the national core infrastructure, which are mainly invested by the state. The space segment mainly includes satellite development and launch, and the space segment is dominated by subordinate units of Aerospace Science and technology group. The ground segment is mainly set up to track and control the operation of Beidou navigation satellite, which is composed of several ground stations such as master control station, time synchronization / injection station and monitoring station. The development and production of the ground segment is led by China Electronics Technology Group.

The market-oriented features of the products and systems in the user segment are obvious, and the participants include subordinate companies of the military industry group, local state-owned enterprises participating in the military, and many civilian enterprises participating in the military. The navigation user segment can be subdivided into upstream, midstream and downstream industries.

2) Midstream mainly includes terminal integration and system integration, which is the focus of industrial development;

3) Downstream includes many solutions and operation and maintenance services to provide industry applications, mainly divided into industry market, mass market and special market.

It is understood that all components and core components of Beidou No. 3 system have been independently researched and developed, and a whole industrial chain consisting of Beidou basic components, terminal integration, system integration and downstream application services has been formed.

Beidou chips, modules and other key technologies have made breakthroughs. According to the report from CCID consultants, the 28 nm RF baseband integrated SOC chip supporting beidou-3 new signal has been widely used in the field of Internet of things and consumer electronics. The latest 22 nm RF dual frequency positioning chip has market-oriented application conditions. The full frequency integrated high-precision chip is under development. The worlds first chip fully supporting beidou-3 civil navigation signal system The high-precision baseband chip tianqin II was officially released in Beijing. The performance of Beidou chip will reach a new level, and the performance index is equivalent to that of similar international products.

Beidou + 5g opens a new market space

The main function of Beidou navigation, first of all, is the function of navigation and positioning. Without the enhancement of image base and ground, the accuracy can reach about 7-8 meters. The second is precise timing. Using high-precision rubidium atomic clock and hydrogen atomic clock, we can provide users with nanosecond level precision time synchronization. In addition, short message communication is a unique function of Beidou system. Under the condition of no network signal, it is similar to the function of sending short message, so it can realize the communication problem without network signal.

In the specific application scenario, highway transportation is one of the most mature and widely used industries of satellite navigation system in China. In addition, there are also major application fields such as surveying and mapping, aviation, power, agriculture, etc. in 2019, the application market share of Chinas satellite navigation industry accounts for 60.8% of the whole industry. With the continuous improvement of positioning accuracy of Beidou navigation system and the further stability of chip performance and price, the application of Beidou navigation system in smart city, public security, industrial and agricultural machinery, unmanned system and other fields will be further deepened, and the industrial development space will be further expanded.

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