Among the star couples, Deng Chao and Sun Li are not the sweetest. One is a first love, but his wife just died

 Among the star couples, Deng Chao and Sun Li are not the sweetest. One is a first love, but his wife just died

For example, Deng Chao and Sun Li are not only good at acting, but also have a good relationship. They have been the insulator of gossip ever since they fell in love with each other in 2005.

Now they have been married for 9 years. They have a son and a daughter, a family and Meimei. They are funny and leave a very good impression on fans.

However, Deng Chao and Sun Li are not the sweetest couple in the entertainment circle.

At least compared with Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin, their sugar content is not enough.

Now lets take a stock of the enviable model couples in the entertainment industry. They are also the models of artists.

First pair: Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin

Speaking of the couple, its really a real-life idol Romance Drama. Its just the process of first meeting, which is romantic and beautiful.

One rainy night, Tang Yixin was driving leisurely in the street. Suddenly, there was a red light in front of her. Tang Yixin stepped on the brake and Zhang Ruoyun, who was following her, hit her.

Although the two people were not familiar with each other before, the collision directly resulted in the fireworks of love.

Since then, two people in the micro blog love show that called a sweet, and, Zhang Ruoyun also gave Tang Yixin a beautiful century wedding, a sensation throughout the network.

At the beginning of May, Tang Yixin gave birth to a daughter, and the couple sprinkled a handful of dog food. They really only envy Yuanyang but not Xianxian.

The second pair: he Bing, Li Haiyang

He Bing, a national first-class actor with excellent acting skills, once surpassed Zhang Jiayi in word-of-mouth performance in Bailuyuan.

And the love between him and his wife, Li Haiyang, is even more enviable, whether they are at the same table in junior high school or their first love.

Therefore, he Bing married her and has been loving her till now.

It turns out that in this world, there is really a life that only loves one person.

The third pair: Yu Hewei and song Linjing

Yu Hewei is also an old playwright. Although he was late in his career and became famous later, his acting skills were not so good. He played Liu Bei twice and Cao Cao twice.

Partner Wu Xiubos military division alliance made many netizens call it directly, and it was a wonderful performance.

But the marriage between him and his wife, song Linjing, was not so smooth. They were both in their 70s and experienced a relatively bitter youth. They spent only over 100 yuan a month.

For Yu Heweis career, song Linjing took care of his family for four years and won the title of good daughter-in-law of China. Later, in order to be able to be with Yu Hewei, she worked hard again, and got into the opera. The two talents ended their long distance.

Perhaps, love that has experienced suffering is often more precious.

The fourth pair: Li Xuejian, Yu Haidan

Mr. Li Xuejian is a virtuous and artistic artist. Everyone in the performing arts circle admires him, but few people know that Mr. Li Xuejian has been fighting against cancer for 20 years.

During these 20 years, his wife Yu Haidan took good care of his life, encouraged and supported him.

It also proves the old saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman who pays silently.

She and Mr. Li Xuejian have gone through decades of marriage together, never having a little dispute because of emotional problems. Moreover, Mr. Li Xuejian has been committed to acting and only took one commercial advertisement, which is one of the things he regrets most.

He proved with practical action that what is an actors self-cultivation? When fighting against cancer is the most difficult, he still insists on finishing the film on his hands. At last, the director cant watch any more and orders him to have a rest.

We can only admire such an actor.

The fifth pair: Zhang Xueyou and Luo Meiwei

Zhang Xueyou, the singer God, is not only good at singing, but also dedicated to his feelings. Once the media spread rumors about him and his assistant. He said directly to the media:

As Mei Weis husband, I barely passed 60 points. As a father, I can get 70 points. But I love this family. If you interfere with me again, I will quit acting industry immediately.

As a result, all these journalists stopped.

Zhang Xueyou and Luo Meiwei fell in love as early as 30 years ago, and their marriage has gone through 24 years. Luo Meiwei was also Zhang Xueyous first girlfriend. Later, Luo Meiwei suffered from severe cleanliness, and Zhang Xueyou took care of her in many ways.

Now, both of their children have grown up and the family is very happy.

The sixth pair: Zhou Huajian, Kang Zilan

One day, conquest orchid walked into his singing bar and was immediately attracted by him. When she finished playing, she rushed up and said, you know, you are doing a great thing..

Since then, they have been in love. Before meeting Li Zongsheng, Zhou Huajian lived on Kang Zilans meager salary. The two experienced a very difficult period.

But Zhou Huajian is a grateful person. Now his wifes face is no longer beautiful, or she is aging ahead of time due to depression, but Zhou Huajian still keeps on.

You dont think my youth is poor, I dont bear your dregs, thats the love.

The seventh pair: Huang Rihua, Liang Jiehua

The impression that Huang Rihua left to the audience has always been Guo Jings infatuation and Qiao Fengs spirit, and in real life, he is also such a rare good man.

Liang Jiehua is his first girlfriend. He broke up once in the middle, but after he got back together, his feelings got better. Huang Rihua also married her directly.

When Huang Rihua became famous, there was a rumor about him in the media. Huang Rihua said that Liang Jiehua is the only one who will marry a wife in the future.

But they are also couples in need. As early as 2013, sister-in-law Hua suffered from blood cancer. In order to see his wife, Huang Rihua scattered all his family wealth, which can be said to be a very important thing.

Their feelings are praised by the world. Huang Rihuas infatuation is also famous. He always takes good care of Liang Jiehua.

Now, their daughter has grown up, life continues, this is the natural law. The dead have gone. I only hope that brother Hua can be strong and live happily for the rest of his life. I will meet sister Hua again in the next life.


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