A married woman seems to be trying to seduce my husband. What should I do?

 A married woman seems to be trying to seduce my husband. What should I do?

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After that, the girl got married and had a baby, but she had to add my husbands wechat and mine through her friend relationship.

Since then, she has been imitating, and whats more, she is in the state of having a husband and children,

Actually send her and my husbands chat records seven or eight years ago to the circle of friends, but quickly deleted.

There are many unfortunate people in this kind of marriage life, but they cant see other peoples good intentions.

I dont believe that people with high EQ will have conflicts, but at least I dont think that time can pass through and take it as a topic.

And that womans circle of friends every day is how the day is suffering, her husband often not at home, in the field work.

Although lonely, but I dont think this kind of time in the middle of the night to masturbate someone elses husband!

I didnt have the words I have a cold, I have a fever, Im in a bad mood, I need comfort in my circle of friends,

Whats more, Im still in the circle of friends.

I just want to hear, whats your opinion on this kind of woman?


In my opinion, to put it plainly is to be dissatisfied with the husband who is married now.

Married but still in the circle of friends for other mens comfort and care, especially hair chest device.

I dare to guess that it is to tempt the men she can see, and it may not only be for your husband.

Since they are all irrelevant people, I dont think they will have anything to do with it for the rest of their lives, so just delete the wechat of the other party.

One is not to see, the other is to let the girl no longer have any thoughts.

If you are embarrassed to delete due to some personal reasons that may be inconvenient to say, you can block the other party.

What other people do, we cant stop her waves, but we can be ourselves, for people who are not worth mentioning, there is no need to pay attention.

In fact, the most important thing is your husband himself. If he has no other thoughts, you all turn a blind eye to him.

Why do you mess up your life because of a man with evil intentions.