Petition: LAN Zhan likes to be a father. How about having a fathers day with Wei yinga yuan?

 Petition: LAN Zhan likes to be a father. How about having a fathers day with Wei yinga yuan?


Especially in the scene of mass burial. Yunmeng is where Wei Wuxian grew up, but there are memories of his childhood. Gusu has no idea where the clouds are, as long as the blue forget the opportunity - Wei Wuxian will not be lonely. What about the mass graves? Wei Wuxian took Wennings Wenqing isothermal clan away from the poverty Road, and there was no place to live. Is there only a mass grave where birds do not shit and ghosts do not come to live? Is it totally unimaginable? But Wei Wuxian did not envy them. He planted carrots and potatoes in his heart. He wanted to build a house and live here.


OK, here we will return to the appellation of Wei Ying and Lan Zhan. You know, I think this is the best way to show their intimacy. Wei Ying is the only Wei Ying of LAN Zhan, and LAN Zhan is the only blue Zhan of Wei Ying. What brotherhood, I hope you still respect the seven passions and six desires of paper man. Today is also fathers day. Lets talk about LAN Zhans experience of being a father. It can be said that this is also a particularly warm segment in the petition. A yuan is a god assisted attack. He directly pulls LAN Zhan, a father, and Wei Yingla, a mother. This child, has a future.


As long as it is a hundred Xianmen families, they automatically and consciously cut off the contact with Wei Ying. Lianjiang Cheng, also want to fake a fight with Wei Ying break up.. Blue Zhan sneaks out of the dark cloud, which must be blocked by many obstacles. Or, to cheat Mr. blue. He said he went hunting at night, and then secretly ran to Yiling. Or, fly straight out of the quiet room. How is Wei Ying doing in Yiling? How could he not be worried. Wei Ying has always been poor, and blue Zhan pays for it every time. Without LAN Zhan by his side, what about Wei Ying? Before they could go to the mass grave, they met unexpectedly in Yiling.


LAN Zhan has no choice but to look at a yuan. The villagers are becoming more and more enthusiastic: this man is so cruel, you see he cries so fiercely. I didnt know how to hold the baby up and make a fuss, so I sat on the ground and cried. LAN Zhan lowers his head and gives up the explanation completely. One villager said: so young, is it the first time to be a father? I used to be like this. I didnt understand anything. My wife knows everything when she gives birth to more children. I have to teach my children slowly. After saying that, LAN Zhan began to care about a yuan again: son, what about your mother? Wheres the mother? Wheres the mother?


Its time for Wei Ying to show up. He shouted from afar, Lan Zhan! Then, go straight. How did you make him cry? Wei asked I didnt do anything. Lan Zhan, although you have a good face, you look like a bitter foe. The child is still young and doesnt know how to distinguish beauty from ugliness, so he will cry when he is stared at by your unkind uncle. Later, LAN Zhan bought a lot of gadgets for a yuan. Wei Ying asked LAN Zhan to have dinner, but he still paid for it. A yuan is the happiest. He knows LAN Zhans father - he doesnt have to worry about eating, drinking and playing.


Surprise: LAN Zhan likes to be a father. How about having a fathers day with Wei yinga yuan? That picture must be very warm