Netizen scolds Liu Yun? Good husband Zheng Jun comes forward to respond: I advise you to be kind

 Netizen scolds Liu Yun? Good husband Zheng Jun comes forward to respond: I advise you to be kind


Basically, its all black stuff. In the birth of actors, Liu Yun thought that Huang Lu, his rival, did not play according to common sense, which made him unable to take over the play. Make complaints about tactic: I am not a teddy sister group. I dont have a dog and no plastic surgery. Three courtyards is just a flying guest, sketching ordinary guests his characteristic is that wig. As for ride the wind and waves the elder sister, the studio has dried up the netizens Tucao and make complaints about the message. And said: delete wave after wave, just a variety show, is not it? Oh, how about it?


At the beginning, when Zheng Jun called his wife for the first time on Weibo, he said: its too hard for dozens of sisters to compete for a song. Come back. We have a studio. Its not easy to sing. Anytime. Ha, when Zheng Jun didnt rock, he lost his sense of humor. Maybe I know Liu Yun too well, so I wont lose the general Persuasion. Facts have proved that there are still many problems in Liu Yun s the elder sister who has gone through the wind and waves. Send a graph to send out controversy, because netizen doubts: Liu Yun P graph only p oneself. The evidence is that Zhang Yuqis face is pulled out of shape.


For this? Its not as if the studio received an endless stream of abusive messages. Originally, the netizen thought: Liu Yun is very snobbish, because in the program there is the suspicion of deliberately flattering rich too Huang Shengyi. The other stars, who are lower, choose to ignore. This is the legendary worship high and trample low? During the evaluation of the first public performance, Liu Yun and Huang Shengyi interrupted Ding Dang, the group leader, several times and expressed different opinions. Just ride the wind and break through the waves. See clearly. However, variety shows should have a head. These small disturbance, regard as the oxidant that is affection promotes!


Lets take a look at Zheng Jun, Liu Yuns husband. His painting style is quite different: either meditation or Wuchan. Netizens have to express their feelings: its the same couple who live together. How can the gap between them be so big? On the Venus show, Zheng Jun confessed that she (Liu Yun) is the one who plays rock and roll. I dont rock at all. Yun Jie is the oldest in the family. Yun Jie has the final say. Ha, this is the so-called one thing comes down one thing. Zheng Jun wrote the song natural enemy, implying that his natural enemy in this life is Liu Yun. He fell into Liu Yuns hands, and could not escape in his whole life.


Liu Yun make complaints about her studio. (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) I love my house and I love my black. My fans begin to love Zheng Jun: brother Jun, Im your old fan. Can you please dont let sister-in-law (Liu Yun) go out and lose face? Come back to her soon. Im sorry to see others scold her. Zheng Juns answer is whether the Buddhism department wants or not: Thank you, friend. I cant understand your sadness. My opinion is that everyone has to bear the consequences for his words and deeds. The so-called Sheng people fear the cause, the ordinary people fear the fruit. Kindness is trying not to hurt others and yourself with resentment.


Although Zheng Jun did not stand out, he directly blocked in front of Liu Yun. My brother-in-laws reply can be called textbook level version!