Online small store economy has become a new trend of flexible employment

 Online small store economy has become a new trend of flexible employment

An epidemic has changed many peoples lifestyles, and various online services such as cloud shopping, cloud fitness, cloud live broadcasting have gradually become the mainstream of peoples life and even spiritual entertainment. This has also prompted more and more freelancers to join the pay shop, one key to own their own digital shop.

As the name suggests, rating store, every day with pay, shop with pay shop. In the pay shop, every shopkeeper can earn a commission every day; every user can buy big brand goods every day. Different from the traditional e-commerce platform people looking for goods mode, the rating shop, in a decentralized way, through the progressive interaction of the owner on the platform, serves people, understands people and connects people, sells the high cost-effective brand authentic products at home and abroad to users, so as to realize the mutual benefit and win-win of the owners income generation and platform development.

According to recent research data, so far, the rating platform has connected more than ten thousand brands, while the number of shopkeepers is several million. The pay shop provides a lot of job opportunities for Baoma who has given up her job because of taking care of her family. It also helps some Baoma to say goodbye to the monotonous life of bringing a baby and regain the value of her life. At the same time, it also attracts a large number of part-time shopkeepers in all walks of life, who may be your business executives, real estate agents and even driving school coaches.

Material and spiritual double promotion

For the sake of freshness, using spare time to subsidize family use, or wanting to be a full-time shopkeeper, each shopkeeper has different reasons to join the rating shop. The survey shows that the main reasons for the owners to join the rating store are to improve their income, make rational use of their spare time and identify with the rating store model. Among them, 30.76% of the owners hope to achieve economic independence through rating stores.

In addition to increasing income, the rating shop also allows the owner to find a spiritual level of professional identity. According to the data, 31.7% of shopkeepers think that this job makes them make more friends, and 39.4% of shopkeepers say that after joining the rating shop, their personal ability has improved and they have a sense of achievement that they havent seen for a long time. In addition, more than 95% of ratekeepers are supported by their families, who believe that this occupation has really brought a positive impact on their families.

For a long time, with the help of millions of shopkeepers, rating stores provide consumers with super cost-effective brand goods through decentralized business model, and provide a large number of employment opportunities for the society. In the future, rating stores will continue to expand their product categories, enrich their activity forms, and even combine artificial intelligence to provide warm services for shopkeepers and consumers.