Make complaints about iPhone SEs core competitiveness is A13 netizens Tucao: isnt it cheap?

 Make complaints about iPhone SEs core competitiveness is A13 netizens Tucao: isnt it cheap?

Apple took the lead in mentioning the powerful A13 processor of iPhone ESE, which belongs to the same level as iPhone 11 pro, which ensures the performance experience of iPhone ESE.

Because of the addition of A13 processor, you can have the best experience in games, photos and videos. At the same time, it integrates with IOS 13, so that you can experience the latest functions.

As we all know, the iPhone ese is the shell of the iPhone 8 with the A13 chip of the iPhone 11.

Apple says the A13 processor is powerful. Its undeniable that Apples A13 processor has the strongest performance at present, and the 5g chip on the market cant be compared with it.

However, the iPhone ese has no advantage in taking photos. The domestic mobile phone with a price of 3000 yuan has been able to abuse the iPhone ESE.

Now apple is still asking about the core competitiveness of the new iPhone ESE. Many netizens joked that it was the price, and the low price attracted many consumers to buy.

Of course, the price of 3299 yuan is certainly not fragrant. After all, 3000 yuan can buy a good domestic mobile phone now.

But with Apples constant price reduction and promotion, the price of this mobile phone has been reduced to within 2899 yuan, which is very attractive for Apples old users.

Now the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have accelerated the speed of updating 5g mobile phones, and apple has not yet had a 5g mobile phone, so this led to Apples Android mobile phone manufacturers taking part of the market share.

In order to save market share, Apple has begun to reduce the price of the iPhone 11 series and launch a cheap version of the iPhone ESE.

According to previous data reports released by analysts, thanks to the release of the new iPhone ESE, Apples overall iPhone shipments in the Chinese market have been greatly improved.

Its sales in April reached 3.9 million units, up 160% from 1.56 million in March, with the new iPhone ese contributing nearly 25% of its sales.

Source: Duan Jiaqi, editor in charge of tianji.com_ NT7312