Apple App store charges too much: its referred to as roadblock robbery

 Apple App store charges too much: its referred to as roadblock robbery

Recently, the behavior of Apples app store has also attracted a lot of attention, including the antitrust Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a recent interview, David cicilline, the chairman of the committee, said that Apples behavior was roadblock robbery.

In the interview, David cicilline said, because Apple has market power, it will charge high rent, which is basically equivalent to highway robbery, forcing negative people to pay 30% of the cost, or they will be refused access to their application market. Thats crushing the small developers. If there is real competition in this market, it wont happen.

A lot of people have come forward to share their experiences, they are afraid of retaliation, they are afraid of the power and retaliation of these large platforms, and we intend to pursue these charges. This is a practical problem in the application market. Its a direct result of a huge amount of control, the fact that apple is the gatekeeper for these developers, and weve heard a lot of examples.

Long before that, the house antitrust committee had begun to solicit opinions from developers and talk to developers affected by Apples charging policy.

At the same time, apple recently released a companys research data, which indicates that Apples app store last year supported $519 billion in global bills and sales, which highlights the impact of the app store on the global economy, and also gives them the courage to control their own application market.

Apple has created hardware (iPhones / iPads, etc.) and platforms (app stores) that allow developers to distribute apps, but not because of this monopoly, which is against our law, said David cicilline. Its not fair for new developers, new startups, and it hurts consumers.

David cicilline also said the investigation into apple is still ongoing and that the final hearing will be held in July.

I hope Apple CEO Tim Cook will be present at that time. Currently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai have agreed to attend.

Source: IT168 editor in charge: Duan Jiaqi_ NT7312