Protect your hard disk and reject these four wrong operations

 Protect your hard disk and reject these four wrong operations

1u3001 Suddenly cut off the power supply when turning on and off

Now the ATX design of power supply and main board generally realizes the function of soft shutdown.

This design is very convenient. However, the soft shutdown should first complete a series of operations to shut down the running program, plus the compatibility and bug of various operating systems and main board manufacturers design. When Windows shuts down the application program and then cuts off the power supply, it often crashes. You may see the question why does it crash when the soft shutdown in many forums and newspapers Q & A columns Problem - at this time, the reset of the hard disk may not be completed. If the user uses the method of forcibly cutting off the power supply, the hard disk may be physically damaged.

Correct way: if there is a crash during soft shutdown, press the reset key, let the system enter windows again, and then officially complete the shutdown operation - this may be a little cumbersome, but it can ensure that the hard disk can be reset safely. For your hard disk with thousands of yuan, safety comes first.

There is also the cutting off of power supply when starting up: no one will do such boring operations under normal conditions, but when there are some situations such as the display card or memory is not plugged in well, and the deceptive line is loose, resulting in no display when the computer starts up, many people just bury their heads in solving the problems they see, such as frequent start-up, shutdown, plug and unplug the board card, and then start up... But not Pay attention to the squeaking of hard disk under the switch of primary power supply - especially when the power on is not displayed, only a few seconds, the initialization of hard disk is not completed, the head is in a sensitive position, the power supply is cut off suddenly, and then it is impacted by the current in less than 10 seconds, the probability of failure will be greatly increased.

The right way to do it: first unplug the power cord of the hard disk, you can play any way. After troubleshooting, its not too late to connect.

2u3001 Misoperation on partition

Its true that most of the novices mistakes are caused by various versions of windows, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and different tasks, which make the novice eager to change the partition format.

Now ghost and PQ partition masters can operate the partition at will to adjust the size and format of the partition, especially the latter has the function of formatting and hiding the partition. These tools are handy for those familiar with the operation, but for the novice, the operation of the partition should be very careful.

Because although the error of partition is a soft fault, not a physical fault, if you perform the recovery operation without thinking without understanding the basic concept after a random operation error, it may lead to the confusion of the partitions boot area and partition table, which can no longer be recognized by any tool software -- if you do not have the data backup of partition table and hard disk boot area , hehe, we have to do low-level formatting - there is also a problem of proficiency and know how to use low-level formatting tools. I have seen many cases where the new hard disk can no longer be used due to the wrong operation of the partition.

Recommended measures: no matter you are old or new, when you are sensitive to hard disk operation, back up the partition table and boot area data, and when there is an error, you can recover it correctly at any time.

A novice is better to hire a master, first with a belt, familiar with the interface and instructions of the software, and then operate by himself. After all, the hard disk is different from other accessories, which has your valuable data.

3u3001 Initialization of windows and dangerous operation during use

When windows is initialized, it is a sensitive and dangerous time. If the user loads too many things in the startup group, the initialization of windows will take a lot of time, and may also cause a crash - especially for users who are afraid of viruses and have loaded more than two firewalls, or online virus monitoring software, there is a high probability of conflict between antivirus software.

In addition, windows series provides the function of switching application programs with tab + Alt key, especially switching back to Windows interface under DOS window, which is convenient for users who want to work under old application programs.

But because DOS is a single thread operating system, and its application program is also based on this thread design, so DOS application program takes up a large percentage of CPU. Because of the problem of DOS old architecture, the program response is not as fast as windows program, so when operating windows DOS window, it is recommended that the users action should not be so fast, so as to avoid system response not to cause crash; In addition, when using tab + Alt switch, you should also be careful not to forcibly switch before the program has completed the current task, resulting in a crash.

Errors in windows would not have caused physical damage to the hard disk. But these are problems of using habits. Once or twice, it doesnt matter. Its a long time. Frequent crashes and restarts are quite harmful to the hard disk and even to the various accessories of the computer; And frequent crashes are easy to cause peoples psychological impatience, which may shut down the computer before the computer is restarted, that is, the possibility of the first type of fatal failure.

There are also all kinds of bad habits, such as shutting down the computer without quitting the windows program, not sorting out the hard disk for a long time, and not running the ScanDisk program (the most common in some public computers), which may bury the root of the destruction of the hard disk.

Suggested measures: These are basic things. Pay attention to changing the usage habits, such as online anti-virus software. Just hang one, you can change others regularly, but at the same time, it is not suitable to run too many in the background. The correct operation of other standards has been mentioned in many experience articles, not much is said here.

4u3001 Other kinds of unconventional errors

For example, there are many cases in all kinds of newspaper websites, such as data cable plugging reversely, damage caused by poor power supply, short circuit of board card, etc., which are not listed here one by one, just pay attention to them.

Summary: the hard disk enemies mentioned above dont necessarily fail immediately after such operation, but there is a high probability of damage - you still play the game today and surf the Internet well. After you turn off the computer at will, there will be no prompt tomorrow, and the system cant find the hard disk.

Please refer to your own practice, pay attention to improvement, use temporary cramming to maintain the hard disk, if there is a problem, it is very dangerous to find a way, unless your luck is always so good.

Source: Zhongguancun online editor: Duan Jiaqi_ NT7312