Why do you say that as long as you are a leader, there is something outstanding? Dont be stubborn: you cant accept these three points

 Why do you say that as long as you are a leader, there is something outstanding? Dont be stubborn: you cant accept these three points

This leader said that I can only use the pyramid rule to manage my subordinates, which is what elite leaders use. If you become a leader, you should also learn how to apply it. What do you mean? I am responsible for the project work and have the control ability, which I have summed up with ten years of practice, lessons and reflection. Why do you use one or two years to go to school and replace me? This kind of business is especially profitable. If I teach my subordinates, they will have the impulse to replace me. It has nothing to do with loyalty and gratitude, but it is due to human nature.

Let me tell you the secret of leadership and management. After receiving the project, I will reasonably divide the project into four parts and make them relatively independent, which is the wisdom of leaders. According to the characteristics of subordinates, allocate the group reasonably. Four groups run independently, and finally I encapsulate and assemble them into achievements. No matter how smart and studious you are, you can only learn a part. Even if you are good at learning all year round, you cant learn my assembly and packaging wisdom.

I sighed in my heart: I cant refuse to accept it, but I also understand the leadership. Why should people give their ten-year wisdom to each other? This kind of elite leadership is also a dangerous profession, which is always surpassed and replaced by others. Therefore, a truly intelligent leader, with insight into human nature, should not only use subordinates to do things, but also prevent subordinates from replacing themselves.

u30102u3011 The most intelligent leaders are those who have insight into human nature, know people well and are good at their duties, and use the method of matching people with posts.

I changed jobs to a company. The direct leader seems to do nothing, but he is very good at ordering people and directing his subordinates around. Especially for me, if I have big materials, I will write them. I often work overtime, and my income is not high. Once, I finally couldnt help complaining to the leader: why is it Xiaoli who goes out to run, eat, drink and write materials in the office? The key is that Xiao Li is so relaxed, and his salary is higher than mine?

That day, the leader drank wine, but he couldnt help but talk about his management methods. Between your colleagues, between each other who serve who? Everyone feels that their tasks are many, difficult and not good. Everyone feels that other peoples affairs are few, resources are many and opportunities are great. In fact, this is a misunderstanding between your employees, because you look at each other head-on, not from a high place, overlooking the whole task.

For me, if I understand your personality characteristics, ability advantages and temperament, I need to be good at playing your strengths, avoiding your weaknesses, and maximizing the overall function and effect of the team. For example, you envy Xiao Li for eating, drinking, running and bumping. If you do it, can you really do it? Xiao Li cant sit still, cant sink his heart, and cant write big materials. But his characteristics are big heart, thick skin, dont care. He can drink, flatter and stick to people. If he can coordinate the project, you cant do it.

When the leader finished talking about this, I also sighed in my heart: I will not be stubborn, and I will not accept it. For me, I dont want to compromise or drink. All wise leaders are first and foremost experts in the use of people. To be an expert in employing people, we should first understand human nature, then know the characteristics of each person, and then let the right person do the right thing. Otherwise, if you dont understand the person post matching method, no subordinate can do well, everyone is very painful, and they still compare and complain with each other.

u30103u3011 Smart leaders are good at using employees personal pursuit, and they all use demand incentive method.

I later joined a state-owned enterprise with more than a dozen people in the Department. There are really all kinds of people. I feel that the leaders of the Department have to do all the hard work and heavy work. Im half dead tired, and my colleagues are still in a strange mood. Heaven is going to give us more responsibility. We must first work hard and starve our muscles and bones. I was upset and complained to the leader. He said something to me:

As we all know, Maslows demand model and leaders are even better at application. Why do you complain about challenging things? Why does procedural simple labor give up to elder sister Zhou? Why dont you have time to ask Xiao Zhao to do all the trivial things and let you conquer them when you are in a rush?

You pat your heart. What do you need? Whats the difference between what you are pursuing and old Zhou and Xiao Zhao? Your employees dont care about this. You just want your boss to be equal and even. Can leaders not understand? But leaders cant do it. Smart leaders will take advantage of employees needs and take reasonable incentive measures. One whip cant whip all sheep?

Among the colleagues in the Department, you are the youngest and later. The key is that you come from the countryside. Your pursuit is to raise your salary, earn more money, buy a house and marry a daughter-in-law. You need to grow and improve. I dont give you pressure, who do I give pressure? This is what you need. I have to use your needs to adjust my work assignment.

Besides, the elder sister, who has a house and a car and a successful husband, is waiting for her to retire. I just want to arrange complicated business for her, and she cant do it. Even if she can do it, can she do her duty with all her heart? What about her dropping the chain for me? Besides, your future is still in my hands, and you dare not intentionally drop the chain for me. She is not afraid. She may get angry one day, and dare to drop the chain for me, or even make me trip. So, I arranged the procedural work for her, and my purpose was to let others follow her to do things. I asked her to give subsidies. She was late for half a day, and the staff would find her. If they miscalculated a penny, the staff would also find her. I didnt need to manage at all. All the staff managed her for me, and she had to do it, if not, she had to.

Besides, Xiao Zhao, a typical Buddhist youth with a mine at home, drives better cars than me. Can I arrange him to undertake challenging and difficult tasks? People with the feelings of picking chrysanthemums southeast, leisurely see Nanshan, either do not give you dry, or let you die. If I say that Im in a hurry, people say, I dont ask for merit, but for nothing, not for promotion, just for comfort. What do you love and what can I do?

So, your internal needs are different from those of other colleagues. I can only use your pursuit to arrange the task reasonably. Ill ask you, would you like to work in a procedural way? Are you willing to work without challenges? Dare you challenge your boss with your youth and dreams? Your only hope is that I will use people fairly and fairly. You dont care about other people, but strive for your own inner pursuit. Just ask me to use you fairly.

In fact, after listening to the words of the leaders, I also understand the management methods of the leaders. Maslows demand model divides peoples demand into security, emotion, identity, freedom and self-worth. There are all kinds of birds when the forest is big, and the needs of each kind of bird are different. Especially in todays society, unlike twenty years ago, the needs of employees are basically the same. Now, the needs of employees are really diverse and strange. There are internal combustion employees, self driving employees, passive employees who push forward the movement, and Buddhist employees who have no desire to be rigid and no desire to be Buddha.