How hard is it for a woman who rents sex for her husband and loses her womb

 How hard is it for a woman who rents sex for her husband and loses her womb

In July 1994, after Yang Yan and her husband Li Bo were laid off from Zhuzhou Tianhua machinery factory, they came to Changsha with 10000 yuan in their arms and started a fruit wholesale business in a fruit wholesale market in Changsha. Yang Yan is very economic minded. Every time she is ahead of others in approving some new varieties, when others follow suit, she has already made a lot of money and invested in other varieties.

In October 1998, after a series of market research, Yang Yan found that there was a large profit margin in the advertising market of Changsha City, so she founded a communication company. At the beginning of the business, Yang Yan was both a manager and a salesman. Every day, she ran to lira advertising business of some enterprises. One year later, Yang Yan lost a lot of weight, but the company made more than 100000 yuan. Yang Yan felt very successful.

The next year, Li never let Yang Yan go out for business again. He hoped his wife would take good care of her body and prepare to have children. Yang Yan, 30, felt that it was time to have a baby, so she took care of herself and became the companys boss at the same time. In August 2001, Yang Yan gave birth to a fat son of 8.6 Jin. The couple were immersed in joy.

In October 2002, Yang Yan was suddenly found to have malignant tumors in the uterus and had to undergo hysterectomy. The news was like a bolt from the blue, which made Yang Yan become helpless and cry with fear. Li Bo, who felt the same, tried to cheer her up and said, you need to open up a little bit. In order to cure the disease, you need to cut the uterus.. Besides, we have already had a good son. Yang Yan is still very worried: I heard that the hysterectomy will affect the couples life, when you hold me like holding a piece of wood. Li Bo holds Yang Yans face and says passionately, Xiao Yan, no matter what happens in the future, you are my wife. Yang Yan was moved to tears and finally decided to have a hysterectomy.

Six months after the operation, Yang Yan found that her body was slowly changing, and she felt less and less interested in sex. Several times she tried to cater to her husband, only to find that the pain was too much for her to go on. In order to get back to normal, Yang Yan, a variety of Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and folk prescription, took a large basket and spent 100000 yuan successively, but it still had no effect. At first, Li Bo also confidently supported his wifes treatment. After repeated failures, he lost all confidence.

Although her husband didnt say anything, Yang Yan felt his deep disappointment. My husband used to work hard and tired every day, but he was always full of energy, but now he has become a frost eggplant, becoming more and more silent.

Seeing her husband like this, Yang Yan was filled with self blame and guilt, which she felt was caused by her failure to fulfill her obligation to be a wife. So she tried her best to give her husband sexual happiness. She went online to check the information and tried to use some unconventional sexual life style to let her husband enjoy the happiness of husband and wife. However, Yang Yan, who tried those unconventional sexual ways once or twice, couldnt bear it any more psychologically, so she had to give up completely.

On October 12, 2003, Yang Yan was 34 years old. This day, Yang Yan cooked two good dishes to entertain her friends at home. At the banquet, friends congratulated Yang Yan on her getting better and better after the operation, and praised her for her ability and well-organized behavior at home and abroad. Some friends also joked to Li Bo, you are a fairy wife, but dont let her run away!

Maybe its because of drinking too much. Li Bo said with a trembling tongue, she is an embroidered pillow that cant be used at all. Who else would want her besides me? The friends at the banquet didnt know the inside story. They were just joking and didnt guess the outside story. But the speaker didnt mean it, and the listener had a heart. Yang Yan felt that her husbands words were like a sharp needle, which broke the secret window paper between the couple. Yang Yan hid in the kitchen and cried secretly.

That night, Yang Yan couldnt sleep over and over. She thought her husband was joking, but he was telling the truth. The next day, Yang Yan came to a sexual health product store on Huangxing Road, Changsha City, and spent 2080 yuan to buy her husband an inflatable baby girl imported from Japan. This kind of girl looks like a real person, and can automatically act as a mans sexual partner. But when Yang Yan gave this gift to her husband, she was rebuked by Li Bo: what do you mean? Are you retaliating for what I said yesterday, or are you trying to insult me? Then she threw the inflatable baby girl to the corner of the wall, stepped on her feet severely, and slammed the door angrily.

In the evening, Li Bo, who had changed his business to do book business, made an excuse to accompany his clients, but didnt come back in the middle of the night. At first, Yang Yan called him, and he answered. Finally, his cell phone was turned off. Yang Yan waited all night at home. By 8:30 the next morning, Li Bo came home tired. Yang Yan asked him why he didnt come back all night and turned off his cell phone again. Li Bo coldly dropped a sentence: the cell phone is dead, playing cards with customers. Then I went to sleep in my bedroom.

Yang Yan feels very aggrieved, but she still endures to persuade her husband to try inflatable baby girl. Li Bo reluctantly used it twice, and at last he would not use it again. Gradually, Li Bo became more and more grumpy. He would make a lot of noise at home. After a big scolding, he would slam the door and stay out all night.

Her husbands indifference and absence at night make Yang Yan feel that the family crisis is really coming. Yang Yan is alarmed. Although Yang Yans communication company has made millions of yuan for her, and her husband, Li Bo, as a bookseller, can also make more than 100000 yuan a year, Yang Yans conservative family concept is very important. She holds the idea of one-to-one. She neither wants to lose her husband-in-law, nor does she want her 2-year-old son to lose his fathers love. So Yang Yan decided to save the marriage on the brink of crisis at all costs.

Save marriage, wife rent sex for husband

The next day, Yang Yan returned home from the company early, and then took her husband to the golden sun Chinese and western restaurant on Jiefang Road to eat Western food. While listening to the music played by the piano player in the restaurant, while eating the steak, Yang Yan slowly realized that her husband had a chemical reaction on his face, showing a long lost smile. Yang Yan wants this kind of effect, so she takes the opportunity to say something that has been brewing in her stomach for a long time: I havent been able to satisfy you. Im really sorry. Ive been thinking for a long time. If you like, you can go to the young lady when you need it. But be sure to wear a condom and never bring the young lady home.

Hearing Yang Yans words, Li Bo looked at her as if she were an alien and said, are you trying to set me up on purpose? I dont mean anything else. Its my real idea. In fact, if it happens, I cant stand it for a while, but I think Ill get used to it as long as you dont pay for the girls feelings and just solve her physical needs. Yang Yan said to her husband seriously.

After hearing this, Li Bo stopped talking. He would eat the steak quietly with his head down. After a long time, Li BOCAI said one by one, to be honest, I cant hold it anymore, but I cant find Miss. I think Miss is too dirty, and I will get sick if Im not careful. Yang Yan was both happy and worried when she heard her husband say that. The happy thing is that the husband is really not looking for Miss Hu outside. The worry is that if the husband doesnt look for Miss Hu, one day he will find a lover to solve the problem, then the whole family will break up.

After getting her husbands consent, Yang Yan began to take action. She left many urgent need for tutors notices in Hexi University District, and left her mobile number behind. As expected, many girls called to apply for tutor. On the phone, Yang said vaguely that the tutor she needed was a little special, but she also gave a lot of money. Lets talk about the specific situation.

After careful screening, Yang Yan selects Zhou Ping, a junior girl. Yang Yan chose Zhou Ping because she is from the countryside, and she looks ordinary and honest. And careful Yang Yan also heard that Zhou Ping had talked about a boyfriend in her sophomore year and was finally abandoned by her boyfriend, and she was no longer a virgin. Yang Yan thinks that since Zhou Ping is not a virgin, she will not pay so much attention to sex; if she is abandoned by her boyfriend, then she will have hostility and suspicion to mens feelings in her heart, so she will not

Li Bo is in love.

After careful consideration, Yang Yan tells Zhou Ping the truth. Zhou Ping, who had been prepared in mind for a long time, was shocked when she learned the truth. She never expected that a wife would rent sex for her husband. But Yang Yans price is too exciting: come home every week to accompany Li Bo for one day, and give her 2000 yuan every month. Zhou Ping hesitated for three days and finally agreed.

Lead the wolf into the house, and the absurd tragedy will be staged

In order to prevent her husband and Zhou Ping from living together for a long time, Yang Yan asked her husband to write a letter of guarantee to her on the morning of March 17, 2004 before taking Zhou Ping to meet her formally: first, Li Bo should not date Zhou Ping in private at any other time; second, Bao Zhoupings expenses should be paid by Yang Yan, and Li Bo should not give Zhou Ping any more property; third, Li Bo should pay attention to his wifes pains, and never I feel for Zhou Ping, and I cant find another lover outside. Seeing her husband sign on the letter of guarantee, Yang Yan felt more secure.

On the same day, under Yang Yans arrangement, Zhou Ping had lunch with Li Bo and Yang Yan, and then stayed with Li Bo. In order to facilitate supervision, Yang Yan specially arranges Zhou Ping to live in her other house located in Jingwanzi. Seeing Li Bo and Zhou Ping walk into the room together, and then close the room, Yang Yans heart seems to have knocked over the five taste bottle, with mixed taste.

Since taking care of Zhou Ping, Li Bo has really changed the problem of staying at night, and the whole person has become radiant and more attentive to Yang Yan. Yang Yan felt that her plan had been successful, and she was a little proud of it. But Yang Yan soon found that Li Bo was more and more attached to Zhou Ping. Every time he had one or two days to go on a Saturday date, Li Bo was a little restless. He kept changing his clothes and dressing up like a date with a lover. Several times Yang Yan wanted to talk about Li Bo, but she swallowed it again. She also comforted herself by thinking that her husband was trying to be fresh. As long as he kept his promise, he would not be afraid of any problems.

On August 5, 2004, when Yang Yan was washing clothes for her husband, she found that there was a mobile phone purchase invoice of Haiers glance in her husbands pocket. Yang Yan immediately had doubts. She knew it was a fashionable female mobile phone. Who did her husband give her a female mobile phone? Yang Yan first thought of Zhou Ping.

A few days later, when Zhou Ping and her husband met again, Yang Yan went to the room to wash the bed sheets for them, and found that Zhou Ping really used a new Haier Meilai yanqu mobile phone. Yang Yan asked angrily on the spot, Xiao Zhou, did you get this mobile phone from Li Bo? Zhou Ping denied. Yang Yan then pulls out the invoice in front of Li Bo, who has to admit that he bought the mobile phone for Zhou Ping. Seeing that things have been exposed and that Li Bo is no longer covering up, he takes Zhou Ping into his arms and says, you

With the support of Li Bo, Zhou Ping, who used to be a very honest friend, became confident. She kept texting Yang Yan that she and Li Bo were really in love now. She wanted to get Li Bo. At 11:00 p.m. on August 25, Zhou Ping sent another message to Yang Yan: do you know why I must be with Li Bo? Its not only greedy for his money, but also for his love. Its also a punishment for you to rent me. Now I think Im still angry: Why did you rent me like an animal, and why did I agree. I hate you and myself.

Yang Yan never expected such a result. She was unwilling to give up her position, so she asked Zhou Ping to negotiate. Seeing Zhou Pings arrogant attitude dressed in a very fashionable way, Yang Yanqiang suppressed her anger and urged her bitterly: Xiao Zhou, you are still young, dont be a third party. If you leave Libo, Im willing to pay you 10000 yuan for the loss. Am I a third party? I think you are the third party now. You are not a woman now. Why do you pester Li Bo? He cant keep you masturbating all your life? Yang Yan didnt expect Zhou Ping to laugh at her like this. She took the coffee in her hand and threw it on Zhou Ping. Zhou Ping showed no weakness. She also took the tea on the table and threw it on Yang Yan. The two fought against each other in public.

Sad Yang Yan wants to talk to Li Bo, but Li Bo always avoids. One day, Yang Yan finally stopped Li Bo at the bookstall, but they quarreled again without a few words. Finally, Li Boyi pushed Yang Yan aside and said, since we have no feelings, there is no need to be together again. How do you think about it? Call me when you think about it. I will never allow you to hurt Zhou Ping!

Seeing her husband so desperate, Yang Yan fell ill and stayed in the hospital for two weeks. Li Bo didnt even show his face once. Yang Yans heart was cold to the extreme, and the whole person grew old at once. She often said to herself, If heaven does evil, you can still complain. If you do evil, you cant forgive.

On May 2, 2005, Yang Yan called Zhou Ping again to ask her to leave Libo immediately. Otherwise, she would go to school and accuse her of being a third party to destroy family happiness. This move really scared Zhou Ping. For the first time, Zhou Ping, who was usually very arrogant, said in a low voice, there is something to discuss. Dont push people to rush. Yang Yan thought it worked. Unexpectedly, Li Bo called her in the evening and said, dont threaten Zhou Ping. Even if you go to sue, Zhou Ping is expelled from school, she can go on to college. And even if she doesnt study anymore, its good to do business with me.

On September 5, Li Bo, who had been away from home for several months, finally went home. He took all his clothes away and left a divorce agreement for his wife, which said that as long as Yang Yan agreed to divorce, he would not want his son or all the property in the family.

Holding her husbands divorce agreement, Yang Yan cried to death. She regretted, but everything could not be recovered

(the characters in the article are pseudonyms)

There are two misunderstandings in this case. One is the problem of sexual life after hysterectomy. From a physiological point of view, the uterus is a hollow organ, which does not have the function of secreting sexual hormones. Therefore, the effect of hysterectomy on sexual life is not significant, but the lubrication of vagina. In this case, Yang Yan had misunderstandings about hysterectomy, paid too much attention to her body after operation, went to hospital repeatedly, and showed a relatively anxious state. This kind of psychological and physiological interaction may be the main reason for her difficulty in sexual life. The second is the misunderstanding of emotion. Emotion is the most complex psychological phenomenon of human beings. Its occurrence and development are not based on the subjective will of human beings, and any agreement and agreement are invalid. Most men can separate sex from love, but men can feel love in the process of sex. Yang Yan only pays attention to mens primitive and instinctive desires, but ignores the spiritual needs of human beings, which is the main source of her marriage tragedy.