Should the spending between lovers be made by AAAA? Get a point clear, can hurt affection?

 Should the spending between lovers be made by AAAA? Get a point clear, can hurt affection?

Therefore, the contradiction between lovers caused by money has once become the trouble of many people.

On the surface, the AA system is the best way to solve this problem. You spend yours, I spend mine.

Can this still be called love? Is it still called marriage?

At least the girl will think in her heart, oh, when Im with you, Im still me. In the future, Im going to marry you, have children for you, and do laundry and cooking for you.

Yes, its unfair. I dont think any girl is willing to marry a man who doesnt want to spend money for herself.

We have followed the life pattern of male dominated and female dominated for more than 2000 years, and have told us countless times that womens happiness will be very low in such a family structure.

In that case, change is just needed and necessary.

[02] what is a womans dignity in her feelings?

The first half of my life, starring Ma Yili, Jin Dong and Lei Jiayin, is a good interpretation of marriage economy.

Before Chen Junsheng and Ling Ling Ling established their relationship, his wife, Luo Zijun, was a full-time wife with clothes to reach for food and mouth, but did she have a good time? Happiness?


According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, human desires are ladder like. If one thing satisfies all your imagination of life, you must and desire the next thing. For example, Luo Zijuns living conditions began to make her worry about her feelings.


Not only that, in the second time is beautiful starring Wang Ziwen and Zhang Luyi, Anan is also such a girl. She married Yu Feifan and lived a rich life as a princess as soon as she graduated from college.

So it can be summed up as a sentence: dont rely on men, you cant rely on them.

Of course, if someone has to really say that the three yuan and five yuan issue also requires the compulsory AA system, what does that mean.


It would be really boring if two people had to figure out who spent 35 yuan.

A man is willing to spend money for you. He likes you, but your consciousness must be there. He is his. If he is willing, I can accept or not, but I cant take it for granted.

Even if we go out to eat together, we have to pay for it several times. The formation of these habits is the process of building dignity.

[03] how should lovers face the expenses correctly?

Sacrifice, sacrifice, is the truth that our ancestors left us.

Before marriage, you can have income after marriage. If your personal economy is always independent in the family, there is no doubt that your family status will be much higher. And you have freedom and autonomy.

To give up

Sorry, if you have achieved economic independence, men will never have the chance to use such words to block you.

How mechanical and cold it is, so the AA system we are talking about here is not a 10 yuan meal. You take 5 yuan, I take 5 yuan.

But in life, two people are in a state of financial balance.

At the same time, I have to emphasize that what he is willing to spend for you, such as Valentines Day gifts, 520 romantic dinner, and daily material care, you can accept or should warmly accept. Because its love!

But I cant go and ask for it. At the same time, I also need to give him feedback in such a way, including returning from business trip, bringing him some gifts and so on.

In this way, there is no economic burden on both sides, so that feelings can be in a vacuum and free from pollution.

Why do women want to be independent?

Yang Lan, a famous program host, once said:

Yang Lan is a successful woman and a model for many women, but Yang Lans achievements are also unrepeatable.

So do ordinary people have to be successful to achieve economic independence?

Not at all.

Ordinary people have their life plans and goals. As long as you have a job and a source of income, you can become the object of poverty alleviation without feeling.

So my suggestion is that the best way to spend money between lovers is to have a clear name. Giving is giving, giving is asking for giving, which is essentially different.

In addition, girls can only get respect by spending the money they earn.


u00b7The author, Feng Xiaoyi, writes sober words and lives a simple life