A small group of Korean troops stationed at the outpost of the demilitarized zone

 A small group of Korean troops stationed at the outpost of the demilitarized zone

South Korean military officials said that outposts and ambush outposts are military facilities. Its natural for troops to come and go, and the military is paying close attention to relevant trends. It is not found that the Korean army is carrying out post restoration work. Sources pointed out that the North Korean army had made preparations for upgrading the alert level of the front to battle level one.

In addition, the South Korean military also pointed out that it was paying attention to the opening of two North Korean coastal artillery guns near Yanping island in the western waters, which may be for ventilation and dehumidification. It is also reported that the military continues to observe whether North Korea has opened other coastal artillery barrages near Yeonpyeong island. On November 23, 2010, the two Koreas fired shells at each other in the waters of Yeonpyeong Island, a rare fierce exchange of fire after the outbreak of the Korean War.

North Korea said on June 5 that it would close its Liaison Office in the Kaesong industrial park to protest South Koreas connivance in distributing anti North Korean leaflets from South Korea to North Korea and South Koreas handling of the matter. On September 9, the DPRK also announced that it would cut off all communication lines between the DPRK and the ROK, and comprehensively transform its work to the south into work against the enemy. On the 16th, North Korea bombed the North Korean liaison office building in the North Korean Industrial Park in Kaesong.

Earlier on June 17, Kim Ho Jung, the first deputy minister of the Central Committee of the Korean workers party, said the DPRK rejected the request of the South Korean government on June 15 to send a special envoy to the DPRK. On the same day, a spokesman for the general staff of the Korean peoples army said that North Korea would redeploy its troops in the mount Kumgang tourist area and the Kaesong industrial park, and restart various conventional military training near the border area between the two Koreas.

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