12 defendants protested by the families of the deceased

 12 defendants protested by the families of the deceased

u25b2 Chen Yuxian, a visiting citizen of Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, who was intercepted and killed

According to the previous report of Red Star News, recently, the verdict of the case of Chen Yuxian was intercepted and killed was published. 12 interceptors were sentenced to 3 to 14 years for intentional injury, including 14 years for Niu Li and Su RI Lige, and 11 years for Chen Yun and Guo Linwei.

Content of judgment

According to the contents of the first trial decision, the second intermediate peoples Court of Beijing held that Niu Li ordered Niu Tieguang and others to illegally detain Chen Yuxian and send him back to his place of origin. When Niu Tieguang reported that Chen Yuxian was injured on his face and Chen Jiaquan informed him that Chen Yuxian had been beaten, Niu Li did not stop him, but still instructed him to continue the deportation and let Su riliger and others carry out violent beating on Chen Yuxian The above-mentioned behaviors of 12 defendants resulted in Chen Yuxians death due to repeated blunt external forces on his head and neck, trunk and restricted position, which all constituted intentional injury crime.

At the same time, the court found that Niu Li pretended to be a petition worker, gathered together Su rilige, Niu Tieguang, etc., and engaged in illegal activities of looking for people from other places to visit Beijing and repatriating them to their original places for a long time; from the beginning of 2017 to June 2017, Niu Li, Niu Tieguang, Su rilige, etc. were illegally detained and deliberately harmed others, causing relatively bad social impact and forming a vicious force The gang, Niu Li, Niu Tieguang and Su riligo are all members of the evil force gang.

After the result of the first trial, Chen Weishu, son of Chen Yuxian, once told the Red Star News reporter, Niu Lis interrogation record includes the statements that he has cooperated with the local government for many years to intercept and visit, and the contents that he communicated with Lai Xuewen, the director of letters and visits of Shangyou County, by phone or wechat, but none of them are recorded in the judgment.. These contents will not evaluate whether the public officials constitute a criminal offence for the time being, but will play an extremely important role in restoring the complete truth and carrying out more objective sentencing of niuli.

u25b2 Chen Yuxians family applied for protest with too light punishment.

On June 21, Chen Weishus application for criminal protest to Red Star News reporter showed that Chen Yuxians family believed that, according to the relevant provisions of the criminal law, those who intentionally hurt people and cause death shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death. If the sentence is extremely light, they should apply to your court (the second branch of Beijing Peoples Procuratorate) to apply to Beijing Higher Peoples court Protest.

Chen Yuxians family believed that in this case, Chen Yuxians death was caused by a single cause, that is, mechanical suffocation and other external injuries caused by repeated blunt force acting on head and neck and body cadres; Su RI Lige and others repeatedly beat and bound Chen Yuxian in different places for a long time, the means of beating Chen Yuxian is extremely cruel.

Niu Li, Su rilige and other gangs are evil forces. They have been engaged in illegal and criminal activities for a long time and should be punished more severely. According to Chen Yuxians family.

In addition, during the trial of the case, Niu Lis relatives, on behalf of Niu Li, compensated Chen Yuxians relatives for 360000 yuan of economic losses at one time, and both parties reached a civil mediation agreement; Chen Yuxians relatives said that they would no longer pursue the civil compensation liability of 12 defendants, such as Niu Li, and withdraw the incidental civil part of the lawsuit; Chen Yuxians relatives expressed understanding to Niu Li, the defendant, and requested the law According to law, the court will give a lighter punishment to niuli.

In response, Chen Weishu told Red Star News reporters that before the first trial, they did receive 360000 yuan of compensation from Niu Lis relatives, and promised that they would not recover compensation for the civil compensation attached to the criminal case, but never applied to the court for a lighter punishment of Niu Li. The family members really expressed their understanding of Niu Li before, provided that Niu Lis relatives actively compensated, and Niu Li himself acknowledged that Both of them are indispensable. When the first trial was held, we believed that Niu Li did not repent of his plea and attitude in the trial. In response, family members and lawyers have said in court that they will not forgive Niu Li, the defendant, and requested the court to increase the punishment of Niu Li according to law, and prohibit commutation of his sentence during his service.

The contents of the first trial verdict show that in the court trial, Niu Li and his defenders defense opinions are that the case should not be recognized as a gang of evil forces; Niu Li should be recognized as a crime of illegal detention, and should not bear the responsibility of illegal detention and death; the evidence of the two alleged illegal facts is insufficient; Niu Li has meritorious performance, a good attitude of confession and repentance, and actively compensates the families of the victims The economic loss is understood by the other party, and it is suggested that Niu Li be given a lighter punishment and a reprieve.

The second intermediate peoples Court of Beijing holds that niuli and other people, who are the main criminals and members of the gangs of evil forces, should be given heavy punishment; niuli should actively compensate for economic losses, reach a mediation agreement with the relatives of the victims and obtain understanding, and be given light punishment according to law, which should be taken into consideration when sentencing.

Red Star News previously reported that 12 main suspects, including Niu Li, the head of the intercepting company, were arrested, which led to the fact that the letters and calls Bureau of Shangyou County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province employed interceptors to send the petitioners back.

In the application for criminal protest, Chen Yuxians family members clearly stated that they should further investigate the suspected serious illegal behaviors of the relevant complaint cadres and investigate their criminal responsibilities.

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