Successful test run of Chinas high speed maglev test vehicle with speed of 600 km / h

 Successful test run of Chinas high speed maglev test vehicle with speed of 600 km / h

Since the start of the project in July 2016, after nearly four years of scientific and technological research, the project team has broken through the key core technology of high-speed maglev series, and successfully developed a test sample vehicle. After the ground commissioning and static test, the vehicle entered the dynamic operation test of the line, the first test run. For the first time, the system joint commissioning was carried out for the test sample vehicle, and the dynamic operation tests under various working conditions were carried out, including different track beams, turnouts, small curves, ramps, zone switching, etc., and more than 200 test points of seven major items were completed, and the key performance of suspension guidance, speed measurement and positioning, vehicle rail coupling, ground traction, vehicle ground communication, etc. were comprehensively tested.

According to Ding Sansan, project leader of high-speed maglev and deputy chief engineer of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., high-speed maglev is a strong coupling system including four systems of vehicle, traction power supply, operation control communication and line track. Through the line test of sample vehicle, it can preliminarily verify the interface relationship and coupling characteristics between various systems of high-speed maglev under dynamic conditions, which is the key part of the system and core components Performance verification and optimization provide support.

According to the introduction, the R & D of high-speed maglev project is progressing smoothly at present, and the development of 5-car marshalling engineering sample vehicle is steadily advancing at the same time of the successful trial run of the test sample vehicle. According to the plan, the prototype system of high-speed maglev project with a speed of 600 km / h is expected to be offline by the end of 2020, which will form a complete set of high-speed maglev technology and engineering capacity. In the future, through the construction of High-speed Maglev Demonstration Project and the operation of 600 km / h line, the continuous innovation and industrialization of the technology can be promoted, and the development of Chinas high-end equipment manufacturing upgrading and strategic emerging industries can be promoted.

As a new high-speed traffic mode, high-speed maglev has the advantages of high-speed, fast, safe and reliable, strong transportation force, comfort and punctuality, environmental protection, low maintenance cost and so on. Its application scenarios are rich, which can be used for long-distance transportation, i.e. corridor transportation, forming high-speed corridors between large-scale hub cities or urban agglomerations, promoting coordinated development among regions; it can also be used for medium and short-distance passenger transportation, i.e. commute, urbanization transportation, commuting in large cities or intercity connection of adjacent cities in urban agglomerations, creating half-hour to one hour economy Circle, to promote the integration and urbanization development of metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations.

The high-speed maglev with a speed of 600 km / h fills the speed gap between high-speed rail and air transportation. It can form a multi-dimensional traffic structure with more reasonable, efficient, flexible and convenient air, high-speed maglev and urban traffic speed gradient to meet the travel needs of different people.

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