When salmon become the target of the day in Beijing material shop OK?

 When salmon become the target of the day in Beijing material shop OK?

A week ago, the head of Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market said that the relevant departments detected the new coronavirus from the cutting board of imported salmon. This news makes salmon become the target of the public in an instant. The Japanese material shop, which focuses on raw food such as salmon sashimi, has been hit. A week passed. How is the Japanese material shop in Beijing?

After the outbreak in Beijing, all salmon were removed from the shelves overnight, including chaoshifa, Wumei and Carrefour. At the same time, Beijing carried out a major inspection of food safety in the city, and comprehensively checked and sealed the livestock and poultry meat and seafood purchased by catering units, supermarkets and other markets in the new market. On June 13, Beijing Jingshen seafood market was also closed.

Without salmon, can the shop open normally? Zhongxin.com randomly selected 15 daily stores in Fengtai District for telephone consultation, of which only 4 are normally open, 6 are temporarily closed, and 5 are not connected.

In all the daily stores, the shopkeeper said there was no salmon sashimi for the time being, and it was not sure when it would be put on the shelves. There was one tuna shop. At present, the main business day stores are cooked food. Some stores also offer full cooked meal, but some cooked food menus are not complete.

As for the dining form, there are two Japanese material stores that say that they can only pack or take out now, and there is no hall food, or only one table for one person. In addition, a number of stores also said that their employees have done nucleic acid testing, salmon and other ingredients have been sealed.

Later, zhongxin.com randomly consulted 10 daily stores in other districts of Beijing, all of which were open normally, except for no raw food. There is only one family that only serves takeout, but no hall food. However, in the take out platform to search for Japanese materials, there are also many stores to show the rest.

For the closed shop, the suspension time is not equal, some uncertain, some say three days, some more than ten days, some can start business next week. The main reason for the suspension is the source of goods. There are no channels for purchase, no fresh things, and I dare not sell them. After two days, the situation will improve. Some shopkeepers said.

Is the Japanese material store greatly affected?

We were almost recovered. As soon as the Beijing epidemic rebounded, the turnover directly fell by 80%. This time, its really worse. Recently, a talk by the founder of a chain brand in Beijing caused a heated discussion. According to reports, the brand store has basically recovered to 80% of the operating level in May, with daily flow of more than 10000 yuan. Since June 13, the daily flow has become more than 1000 yuan, with a significant decline.

The reduction of passenger flow and the decrease of turnover are the problems that many daily stores are facing. Most of the business daily stores of chinanews.com have said that there are not many customers at present. A Japanese shopkeeper said they had been particularly affected. The employees had gone home from work on holiday. Because there were no guests when they opened the door, they simply closed the shop.

Many of the Japanese food shops consulted were imported from the seafood market in Beijing and Shenzhen. Some shopkeepers said that they could not open their shops without purchasing channels. Some shopkeepers also said that they didnt know about Salmon, so they didnt dare to open their business. And salmon sashimi and other raw foods may take a while to go on the shelves. Some shopkeepers think that even if they can go on the shelves, there is not necessarily someone willing to eat them.

Business is not easy for the Japanese food stores that import food materials. Many chain brands have published the origin of food materials and the entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate to eliminate consumers doubts, and some have promised that the prices of all stores will not rise.

In addition, according to media reports, even the daily food stores and seafood stores in Chengdu, Sichuan Province have set up food quarantine report display boards at the door, and the seasoning, raw materials, imported meat, rice noodles and non-staple food have qualification certificates. But there are also questions about whether there is a new coronavirus test.

Can salmon be eaten?

So, can salmon be eaten? Can the Japanese material shop go in for consumption?

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said in an interview that the new coronavirus cant be detected in the chopping board of imported salmon, so he concluded that salmon is the source of infection, and all people or objects that come into contact with the chopping board can.

On the evening of June 16, Shi Guoqing, deputy director of the emergency center of China CDC and expert group of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference that there is no evidence that salmon is the host or intermediate host of the new coronavirus. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in salmon, where the contaminated area was detected in the new outbreak. It was found that the salmon was contaminated.

Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, also said there was no evidence of infection through the digestive tract through food consumption, including seafood products. On June 20, Li Fengqin, director of the microbiology laboratory of the national food safety risk assessment center, said that imported food, such as beef or seafood, can be purchased and eaten normally, but we should take precautions.

Shi Guoqing also stressed that whether eating salmon or other foods, they should be cleaned and processed for necessary consumption.

In order to reduce the possible risks, Feng suggested that when buying food, try not to touch raw fish and meat. In addition, wash hands thoroughly before and after food treatment, separate raw and cooked boards, heat and boil food and drinking water thoroughly, peel and eat fruit, steam tableware for 15 minutes and disinfect.

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