Beijing media: novel coronavirus pneumonia has completely rid itself of the shadow of the new crown pneumonia, 3 games data testify.

 Beijing media: novel coronavirus pneumonia has completely rid itself of the shadow of the new crown pneumonia, 3 games data testify.

Wu Lei started three games in a row. Network screenshot

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has already been played in three rounds after the rematch of Spanish Liga. Despite the fact that the Spanishs relegation prospects are still uncertain, Wu Leis performance in three matches proved that he had completely escaped the shadow of the new crown pneumonia.

Once worried about whether there would be sequelae of the new crown

In March 21st, novel coronavirus pneumonia was declared to be confirmed by Wu Lei. Even though the Chinese striker is a mild illness patient, he revealed in his weekly notes that he had considered the worst result: in the two days when I was plagued by the new crown virus and had the most severe fever, I really worried about whether I could fully recover and whether I could continue my football career.

After his successful recovery, there are still concerns that his long-term career should not be affected by his new crown, but whether there are any sequelae in the short term is still unknown. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a concern for Spanish coach, who has been on the Spanish side. He has said that some of the players who have been infected with the new crown pneumonia virus have not yet fully recovered and can not keep pace with their teammates. Intensive competition schedule and the pressure of relegation will become the test for the rehabilitation.

Wu Lei has novel coronavirus pneumonia. Network screenshot

Get rid of the shadow, data performance witness rebirth

In the first round of the Spanish semi-finals, Wu Leis performance surprised the outside world: the Spaniard beat Aravis 2-0 at home. In the 19th minute, Wu Lei was sent off by his opponents goalkeeper because of the ball from outside the penalty area. In the 47th minute, the Chinese striker scored his fourth goal in the Spanish League this season and was finally elected MVP of the match. However, Wu Lei was replaced in the 51st minute. After the game, he revealed that his opponent was in a disadvantage in number less than 20 minutes, so the pace of the game was relatively slow, and he didnt feel tired.

The away game against Getafe is the real challenge for Wu Lei after recovering. As Bernardo was sent off in the 16th minute, he became a Spaniard with less and more for a long time. Wu Lei played well at both ends of the attack and defense, and was not replaced until the 90th minute to help the team draw 0-0. In yesterdays home defeat to Levant, parrot corps attack and defense performance is not ideal at both ends, Wu Leis several hard sprints and runs have become idle. It should be noted that in the match with Getafe and Levante, Spain each had a day less rest than their opponents. After the bitter battle with Getafe, their physical disadvantage was very obvious in this match.

He has started three games in a row and has performed well in both games. Wu Lei has completely got rid of the shadow of the new crown. But the Spaniard who is fighting for relegation now needs to adjust the whole team. The match with Real Betis on the 26th became a real battle of life and death, especially their opponents in the next two rounds are Real Madrid and royal society.