The epidemic hasnt broken. Most players are worried about playing in New York

 The epidemic hasnt broken. Most players are worried about playing in New York

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jimin

New York, us open, go or not?

When this years U.S. Open hit the real hammer, many players are facing this choice.

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, New York is one of the worst hit areas. In the past few months, there have been so many disturbing news about the epidemic in New York City. The once bustling street market has once become an empty ghost city that many people have been deterred. Although the current situation in New York has improved significantly, and although there are still two months to go before the US Open, some players are still muttering and the psychological shadow is lingering.

World No.1 in mens singles and Serb jokovic think that the risk of the epidemic in the United States has not abated. Most of the professional players he talked about have concerns about playing in the United States, and this season should be restarted in the red soil arena in Europe. The underlying line is that North American events such as the US Open should be postponed or simply cancelled. In addition, jokovic also said that the number of coaches accompanying the team will have an impact on the game and preparation.

Nadal, the second-largest player in the world and the king of the laterite of Spain, also expressed his concern about the game in New York. He even thought that all tennis events should not be restarted until the epidemic is under full control. In an interview in early June, Nadal said, if the US Open is held at this time, I will not participate..

For women, Bati, the worlds number one, Australian, and world number two, Romanian general khalep all said that the outbreak in the United States was not clear, and they had reservations about participating in the US Open. I know everyone is looking forward to the U.S. Open, but everyones safety should come first. Barty said.

Most of the top tennis players come from Europe, and the epidemic in the United States is far more serious than that in Europe. Therefore, it is normal for some European players to lack confidence in the safety of the epidemic in the US Open and want to stay at home to play games. After all, tens of thousands of confirmed cases in the United States every day are often seen as frightening. Moreover, it has been proved that the real air used to isolate the virus implemented by some sports events in the United States The bubble project will still be invaded by viruses. The novel coronavirus pneumonia test is negative for American Votn, who is in the RBC inheritance golf tournament. The first round is positive, which makes people feel impossible to guard against the virus.

In the face of the events in the epidemic, there are doubts and welcome. Czech womens tennis star priskova said she would definitely play in the US Open. Ive been at home for six months, she said. If we have been at home waiting for everything to be ready to go to the game, it may take a lifetime.

Us star and former US Open runner up Keith cant wait to return. She said the past long season has been exhausting and people want to take a vacation, but now its the opposite. We all think its enough to be isolated at home. Please arrange me to play a breathless game in the center court. Its better to let me fall behind in the decisive set, which will be more enjoyable. We miss playing too much. Keith said.

Some of the lower ranked players simply said that the top stars are not poor in money or even care about a Grand Slam champions bonus, but for most of the ordinary players, no game means unemployment.

Although jokovic, Nadal and other top players are just questioning, not saying that they will definitely not come, but the organizers are worried about the demonstration effect. The American nets Association quickly invited Williams after the local ball to endorse the anti epidemic measures of the US Open and the US Open. Xiaowei said: I cant wait to participate in this us open. I think the American network association can guarantee the perfect performance of this competition and the safety of everyone involved.

The fight against the virus seems to be turning into a long-term battle. Most of the worlds restarted sports events are assiduously studying the method of safety competition. There is no audience, vacuum bubble and reduce the size of the event. But the US Open is not the same as the game based on a country or region. Players come from all directions and the game period is long. In addition to the continuous recurrence of the US epidemic, players may really need to choose between the epidemic and the bonus.

Obviously, this is a tough time, and everything is still changing. Ive been in touch with a lot of players, coaches and agents, and I believe that many players are willing to participate in the US Open and are satisfied with our various measures. The final decision is in the hands of the players, but we are confident that the US Open will be brilliant Us open tournament director alaster said.