Continuous heavy rainfall in many places of Anhui Province

 Continuous heavy rainfall in many places of Anhui Province

Heavy rain in many places in Anhui Province reservoir sluice (source: video synthesis)

In recent days, the continuous heavy rainfall weather in Anhui Province has caused the water level of many reservoirs in the province to rise, or even exceed the flood control level. To ensure the safety, many reservoirs have opened floodgates.

Continuous heavy rainfall also led to the surge of reservoir water level in Tongcheng City, Anqing. Since the middle of June, the water level of Guniubei reservoir in Tongcheng city has risen from 82.3 meters to 89.6 meters, close to the flood limit of 90 meters. In order to ensure the safety of flood control, the reservoir has been opened for six consecutive days.

This morning, Yuexi county meteorological station of Anqing City issued orange rainstorm warning and orange geological disaster warning. As of 12 noon, the rainfall of 30 stations in the county has reached the rainstorm level, and the maximum rainfall is 103.7mm in Mingtang mountain.

At present, the heavy rainfall is still continuing, and the water level of the river is rising obviously. In order to ensure safety, Yuexi County has entered a wartime state. The emergency rescue team is on standby at all times and ready for emergency rescue.

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