The same frame of sisters arouses thousands of waves. Guess what kind of Assassins mace they all have

 The same frame of sisters arouses thousands of waves. Guess what kind of Assassins mace they all have

After watching the station, it is better than the modeling of the day. Those who dont stand in position C can win the headlines by modeling, and those who get position C cant be robbed of the limelight by others.

OK, lets start with Zhang Yuqi, the C position! She was wearing a black satin low cut dress, which seemed quite low-key, but in fact, she had a deep mind! In the skirt side waist below the looming hollow design, is not the general actress dare to challenge.

Dont forget the beauty of wow to Kangkang because of the interesting soul of elder sister. Zhang Yuqi has not forgotten to cheer for herself in her microblog, lets not forget to pay attention to her beauty.

Wan Xi, a powerful actress, was not very popular at the beginning of the program, but through the performance of two programs, she successfully reversed. At the conference, she was wearing a big V-neck skirt and stiletto heels, looking very intelligent and queen like, especially when she laughed, the whole person looked surprisingly sweet.

Yi Nengjing, 52, is 25 years old. The necessary double horsetail of get womens team is not against her. Match with the black open waist deep V top and shorts. Whoops, there must be a lot of light when the beautiful witch appears.

Zhang Hanyun was remembered for her lovely baby face when she came out of the show. After the show, she has been very low-key. In her early thirties, she returns to the screen again. She is still as low-key and smart as ever. She appears in black for several times, but still cant disguise her sweetness.

Huang Shengyi showed up in a pink bodice dress. Although she didnt have a good standing position this time, she finally pulled points by her modeling. She tied up a high head of meatballs and matched her perfect shoulder and neck line, which made her look younger and sweeter.

The first blue Yingying on the stage of the first show is a long dress with waist closed. The design of high slit shows the elegant temperament, with sassy short hair and sexy clothes! Im looking forward to the performance that this versatile woman will show us next time!

So, who are you standing for in this sisters Bimei war? Source of this article: Netease fashion editor in charge: Pan Jingxian_ NQ0184