The best female player of 20 years selected by foreign media

 The best female player of 20 years selected by foreign media

Li Na has won the WTA womens singles championship for 21 times in her career, 9 WTA singles champions. The most important thing is that she has won the Grand Slam Championship for four times, and finally won the French Open Championship in 2011 and the Australian Open Championship in 2014. She is also the first Asian player to win the Grand Slam womens singles championship in the open era. She ranks the highest in the world to the second place and enters the tennis hall of fame in 2019. Therefore, its reasonable to be among the top 32 finalists in

Take a look at Li Nas overall PK performance in this competition. In the first round, zibulkova was eliminated. After the Australian Open final, zibulkova was once again defeated by Li Na. In the second round, Li Na won five Grand Slam champion Sava and made it to the top eight. However, in the top eight, she was eliminated by Belgiums crystal, and her final result was the top eight.

There are as many as seven American players and four Russian players in the 32 finalists. It has to be mentioned that Li Na is the only Asian player in the 32 finalists. Although Japans Osaka Zhimei achieved the back-to-back grand slam and was the first Asian player in the history to reach the top of the singles world, she still failed in the 32 finalists.

Xiao Wei has eliminated Azarenka, radvanska, Harlem and Henning to enter the final battle, while Da Wei is not ambiguous. Davenport, Ivanovic, kovitova and Clijsters are all defeated. Finally, Williams sisters will join in the final battle, that is to say, the two sisters won the first two places. This is another civil war of Venus Williams. Although Venus Williams has more Grand Slam titles, Venus Williams has the upper hand in the vote, winning 50.26% of the vote, which can be said to be a thrilling laugh to the end.

In addition, Swiss Princess Hingis lost to Capriati in the first round and suffered a round of tour, while more famous players lost in the second round, such as Sharapova, Wozniacki, Bati, Ivanovic, cobel, Capriati. Although these people have won the Grand Slam title, they all stopped in the second round because of strong enemies, such as Capriati lost to Belgium Tian After Haining, batty was defeated by kovitova, while Wozniacki lost to crystal.