Watching the video learning tactics of the European League in preparation for the Asian Games

 Watching the video learning tactics of the European League in preparation for the Asian Games

Video tactical learning is also part of training

Antonio has cut out a lot of excellent videos of training, competitions and the five major European leagues, and let the players watch 3-8 minutes of clips every day. In addition to his on-site explanation, the time of a video tactical class varies from 15 to 30 minutes.

Antonio himself said that many years of work practice has proved that the video tactical lesson is the key to improve team tactics and players level, and also the basic work of tactical improvement. He will emphasize to his players: video tactics class is also training!

There are 29 video tactical lessons in Haikou training, including team attack and defense video, team line attack and defense video, player personal video, team set ball attack and defense video, and game video of excellent teams and players in the world.

For example, we want our players to know clearly what his team needs him to do on the field; we want to show the video of the worlds top teams and players to show our players how they do on the field, which is a simple and practical way of learning. Antonio said.

In this session of Haikou training, the coaching team believes that the players have improved their abilities in technical and tactical aspects through tactical video lessons and high-intensity training.

According to the statistics of GuoShao team, in the face of adult team or at least two-year-old youth team opponents, in six games, the average running distance of U-16 teams forwards, avant-garde and full back has increased to more than 9500 meters, and the running data of fan Chao, the striker, has exceeded 10000 meters each time. In the high-intensity running ability, the team members are also improving.

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For the brand-new video tactical lesson, Lin Wenjie was very impressed. In the second game, there was a ball. We passed on the right side, and I followed up the position required by the coach on the left side in time. After the other side broke the ball, I wanted to pass it to the players around me. I was ready for it. After breaking the ball in the front of the forbidden area, I stuffed it to fan Chao. Unfortunately, his goal was saved by the goalkeeper.

Lin Wenjies fan Chao is a forward attacking player. In a video tactical lesson, the coach pointed out the position of fan Chao in the right forward position directly. There are some goals that can be snatched and attacked because of my misplaced position. If we dont snatch them, we will also waste our physical strength.

Shao Jiayi (right) is the leader of the team.

Fan Chao also introduced two details, the coach through the video to let him further understand how to catch the ball after passing and where to steal after the bottom pass. In practice, I have to think and do it. After the coachs video tactical lesson, I know what I should do and how to do it on the court.

On the court, I have a defender behind me. Before the ball reaches my feet, I press him with my body. I pressed him hard for 3 or 4 seconds, the ball came to my feet, I protected the ball, and then I handled the ball very clean

Frontline player Zeng yaozhang said that one lesson was about how to hold the ball better on his back, and then he practiced it in the game. The effect was good. The technique of holding the ball on his back was improved. I learned how to use the strength of my arms and body more reasonably to lean on the opponent and protect the ball. If I want to protect the ball, I need to keep the whole body strong.

The ideological education work of the team has never been relaxed. In addition to patriotism education and daily psychological guidance of players, the Haikou training team also purchases Chinese history and biography books for the players, encourages the players to read more books, learn Chinese history and understand the growth process of excellent athletes, and promotes the players to set up lofty goals and strive for glory for the country.