Li Tie: fever, fracture, and persistence in training players. Eight years, only eight days off

 Li Tie: fever, fracture, and persistence in training players. Eight years, only eight days off

More than 70 Tongji students who chose the football culture appreciation and refereeing law as a general course of physical education were pleasantly surprised when they attended the online class on the 18th: Li Tie, head coach of China Mens football national team, made a brilliant debut and took a new football ideological and political class with his own inspirational stories.

Success comes from love. Through video interaction, Li Tie and Tongji students share the struggle story of their youth: Shenyangs winter is snowy, the bus stops, Li Tie and his teammate Qu Shengqing pour two trams together, and run away for two hours to catch up with the training class at 3:30 in the afternoon. That group of Chinese players, when they were young, had poor family conditions, but they loved playing football from the bottom of their hearts and didnt want to pay back.

Love for football, let Liao Xiaohu blow the youth storm, in 1999 a league nearly created a kaizeslautern style Championship miracle. On the online interactive platform, a classic goal video was played by Li Tie and Qu Shengqing, which made them excited. Li Tie said: this is the most beautiful goal memory of Qu Dao and I. we trained and played together since childhood, and we know each other very well. We have a tacit understanding. Qu Shengqing also said, the grasp and position of Li Ties passing revealed his habit of training at ordinary times. As long as you work hard and practice a lot, you will be creative on the court

Li Tie and Qu Shengqing, who are striving all the way forward and gradually stand firm, respectively put on the national football uniform. Before the world cup, they will sing the National Anthem of the peoples Republic of China and know the responsibility of fighting for the honor of the motherland. After that, they challenge their new career height and go to Everton in the Premier League and Adelaide in Australia to study abroad. When local extreme fans belittle or even slander the strength of Chinese players, Chinese Li and Chinese opera use wonderful performances and beautiful goals one after another to shut up the arrogant critics and conquer most of the local real fans; in foreign countries, they deeply feel the strong support of the fans of the ancestral country on the other side of the ocean, and even feel their blood connection with the mother country, Patriotism comes naturally.

New course, 70 places are robbed in one day

Photo said: Shen Yinhao, as an international referee, works with Chinese partners to conduct the Asian group match of Qatar world cup qualifier.

However, he is a young teacher in the school of international football of Tongji University. During the teaching of football culture appreciation and refereeing law, in addition to introducing the learning points and overall arrangement of the football refereeing law, Shen Yinhao also explained and analyzed the controversial refereeing in the recent five major leagues, so as to deepen everyones understanding of the rules.

This course is a new undergraduate general course declared by our college to the University. After the release of the course selection information last semester, 70 places were emptied by students who like football in less than a day, and some students who didnt choose to attend classes were especially online, which made the course teachers team full of confidence. Shen Yinhao introduced that football culture appreciation and refereeing law is a characteristic course of the college and one of the micro professional courses of football refereeing. In addition to the lectures given by professors and lecturers of the college, we also invited professionals such as national football coach Li Tie and Qu Shengqing to participate in the interaction, which was warmly welcomed by the students. We hope that in the future, there will be more high-level professionals of professional football who care about and support the development of campus football.

Football thinking and politics, leading by practice

Qu Shengqing said during the interaction that high-level professional players should come to the University for further study. Now Wu Lei is the only Chinese player who plays in the five major European leagues. He is also a student of our school of international football, Tongji University, majoring in administrative management. In my opinion, professional players can improve two points when they go to University: first, they can improve their education; second, they can improve their cultivation. There are many knowledgeable professors and excellent students on the campus. These off-site learning accumulation and environmental edification can improve the way of thinking of players on the court.

Picture said: under the epidemic situation, the international football College of Tongji University launched the football culture appreciation and judgment law. The picture shows a group photo of the course teacher team and the guests on the cloud.

The school of international football of Tongji University was established on June 21, 2017. It is the first School of international football in China. The school has the right to grant a masters degree in physical education. In 2018, the two undergraduate majors of social sports guidance and management and sports training of the school were approved by the Ministry of education. In addition to enrolling students who are interested in football management, football industry and football psychology, the college also has a group of international students: according to the regulations of the Ministry of education and the General Administration of sport, at present, many international players, such as Wu Lei, Yan Junling, Fu Huan, Cai Huikang, He Yong, Li Shenglong, Dewey, Cao Jianding, have obtained the recommended qualification for admission without examination.

Tu said: in addition to his identity as a player, Wu Lei is also a student of Tongji University.

As active players, Li Shenglong, He Yong and so on usually give consideration to both training and study, and mainly participate in online course learning of Tongji University through courseware. During the outbreak, the online teaching provided these three super players with the opportunity to study and discuss with nearly 80 students from all departments of Tongji University. In the process of the teachers explanation, Li Shenglong and he habitually spoke freely, exchanged ideas with other students, and realized the timeliness and efficiency of online classroom discussion.

Li Shenglong said that as a player, he has always wanted to participate in the study of the rules of football competition. The course is very valuable for our front-line players. With the help of the network platform, it is very interesting and rare to have classes with students. If the epidemic is over, he also wants to come to offline classes and learn this course with you after the training.

Similarly, when the course that Li Tie participated in was over, the students said one after another that this ideological and political course was really full of goods, which benefited them a lot, time flies too fast.. Some students said excitedly, its unforgettable to be able to discuss the penalty and football culture with the national football manager. The dean of the college, you Songhui, said that ideological and political courses are empty without practice and shallow without theory. Only when they are coordinated and promoted, can young students sense of gain be enhanced and be inspired to take on their own actions. As an important support of moral education, I hope that the learning of this football characteristic course can actively cultivate students sense of social responsibility, sports professional ethics and humanistic quality, and constantly enhance their sense of mission and responsibility, so that the spirit of patriotism is firmly rooted in the hearts of young students.

The reporter saw through the video playback that Li Tie participated in this ideological and political class, which ended with spontaneous collective applause from all teachers and students. We all have a common goal and hope Chinese football is good. After I took on the responsibility of national football manager, I was under a lot of pressure; you came here to learn because you love football. Im very lucky that Chinese football has you supporters. Im sure you will cheer for me and Mr. Shen. Li Tie didnt treat the students as outsiders, saying from the bottom of his heart, I am the young head coach of the national football team, and Mr. Shen is the youngest international referee in China - only when our Chinese team enters the world cup can he have more opportunities to show the talent of Chinese referees on the World Cup stage. Thanks to teachers and students, lets pass on the spirit of loving football. No matter what career we play in the future, I believe we will not leave football.