Liao basket officially opens Mayo! CBA teams are aware of the following risks

 Liao basket officially opens Mayo! CBA teams are aware of the following risks

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In the first day of the CBA rematch yesterday, Liaoning team, with its all Chinese squad, lost 82-91 to Beijing team. Today, CBA officially announced that Liaoning team will use foreign aid OJ Mayo. In the next game, Liaoning team will no longer be regarded as the all China team.

According to the rules of CBA rematch, when all Chinese teams play against teams with foreign aid, the latters foreign aid can only play 4 quarters and 4 person times; while when there are also foreign aid teams, the use of foreign aid is 4 quarters and 6 person times. When Liaoning team uses Mayo, it means that when they play Beijing, Beikong and Tongxi, their opponents can use foreign aid for four quarters and six times.

Netease sports and CBA insiders confirmed that all teams in China have an opportunity to adjust foreign aid, but once foreign aid is used, it is not allowed to change to all teams in China this season and do not enjoy relevant policies.

Taking Liaoning team as an example, even if they later terminated their contract with mayo and returned to the all China squad, the opponents can still use foreign aid for four quarters and six person times against foreign aid teams.

The regulations for CBA foreign aid replacement in this season are: each team can replace foreign aid twice in pre-season, four times in regular season and two times in postseason.

According to the official announcement of CBA, Fujian team changed Lawson, Jiangsu team changed Blakeney, Shanghai team changed McCallum, Beijing team changed Youdu, Jilin team changed Sean hill. These five foreign aid changes will not be included in the number of foreign aid changes of the ball team after the outbreak and before the resumption of the game.

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