The statue of former U.S. President grant was overthrown. He led the army to overthrow slavery

 The statue of former U.S. President grant was overthrown. He led the army to overthrow slavery

People pull statues with rope (photo source: Twitter)

Overseas online, June 21 (Xinhua) - a statue commemorating the former president of the United States and the general of the northern federal government during the civil war was knocked down by anti discrimination protesters, US media reported on June 20. Recently, the statue of Confederate figures has become the focus of the protest, but as a general who led the northern army to overthrow slavery, the statue of grant is particularly special in the protest tide.

According to Fox News, on the 19th of local time, more than 400 people in San Francisco held a June day celebration to commemorate the overthrow of slavery. However, a statue of grant in Golden Gate Park was pulled from its base by ropes. In addition, two other statues in the park were destroyed that day, namely, Junipero Serra, an 18th century missionary, and Francis Scott Key, the author of the words of the national anthem. NBC reported that no one was arrested at the event.

In history, grant once led the northern federal army to defeat the Confederacy and accepted the surrender of the Southern General Robert Lee. The report also pointed out that after grant was elected president of the United States, he actively fought for the rights of the freed slaves and helped to complete the 15th amendment of the United States Constitution, giving black people the right to vote.

Although grant pardoned some of the Confederate generals, he also approved a number of laws to limit the persecution of black people by the 3K party, a racist organization. However, Grants critics point out that grant once owned a slave, but the slave was probably a gift from others, and he had been free before the civil war.

A statue of Washington set on fire and pulled down (source: Twitter)

As protests continue, more and more statues are being targeted across the country. In addition to a number of Confederate generals, the statue of George Washington, the first president of the United States, was knocked down on the 18th. According to the report, the statue of Washington in Portland, Oregon, was covered with the American flag by protesters and then smashed after being set on fire. Also in Portland, the statue of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, was knocked down by protesters. According to historical data, both presidents had slaves, which made them targets of protesters to some extent. (overseas network Zhao Jianxing)

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