More than 20 backbones were developed in Guangxi by brother-in-laws manipulation of card calling for whoring

 More than 20 backbones were developed in Guangxi by brother-in-laws manipulation of card calling for whoring

Small card at the door seam of each hotel room


After receiving the report from the masses, Wuzhou police dispatched competent police force and meticulous investigation. At 4:00 a.m. on June 18, 160 police forces from various police departments were organized to carry out unified network collection operations in Wanxiu District, Changzhou district and Luchuan County of Yulin city. Two organizations selling prostitution gangs were successfully defeated, and 29 backbone members of the gangs were all in the network.

Since April this year, the public security branch of Wuzhou Public Security Bureau has been informed of the clues. In the rooms of many hotels and hotels in the urban area of Wuzhou, people often put small cards for soliciting prostitutes under the door of the rooms.

According to the work deployment of the special action of shining the sword 2020, cracking down on yellow gambling and the special action of Jingwang 2020, the public security detachment of Wuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the police to patrol and investigate the public security cases about the cards of soliciting and whoring in the past two months, and soon found out the organizational structure and the law of the two prostitution gangs.

After investigation, the leaders of these two gangs usually do not live in Wuzhou City. At the time of committing the crime, the gang leader arranged Ma Zi to send small cards involving yellow to hotels in Wuzhou urban area to recruit prostitutes, while the leader was responsible for answering phone calls and arranging door-to-door services for prostitutes in other places, with the transaction price ranging from 300 to 1200 yuan. It was a typical prostitute gang that used cards as the main media to recruit prostitutes. In order to avoid the attack of the public security organs, the gang leader will change the phone number and micro signal on the small card of soliciting prostitutes from time to time.

Among them, the suspect Shen commanded and organized the prostitution activities remotely in Luchuan County, Yulin City, and his elder sister Shen was responsible for answering the call for prostitution and receiving the wechat for dealing with it at his home in Luchuan county. At the same time, Shen arranged the suspect Lu to Wuzhou City as the person in charge of organizing prostitution, and was responsible for recruiting people to plug small cards at the door of each hotel room in the urban area of Wuzhou A group of people were responsible for the recruitment of prostitutes, and each successful introduction of a prostitute was given a corresponding Commission.

After more than two months of operation, the time for closing the network was ripe in the early morning of June 18. According to the instructions of Kuang bobiao, deputy mayor of Wuzhou City, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, under the command of sun Youchang, member of the Party committee and deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau organized 160 police officers to handle cases in public security, Changzhou District, Wanxiu district and other police departments, and the network was closed in three ways at the same time.

Lu Chuan is responsible for arresting a group of people who break into the house of Shen, the suspect No.1, quickly controlling Shen, detaining his cell phone to prevent the news.

After the capture team of Luchuan successfully captured the network, the capture team of Changzhou District immediately controlled he and Liu who were in charge of releasing the wind downstairs of a hotel in Wuzhou City, and the rest of the police entered two hotels respectively to quickly control the prostitutes, Wang and their customers who engaged in prostitution and whoring activities; meanwhile, the capture team of Wanxiu District arrested the personnel who issued small cards and introduced prostitutes. As of 6:00 a.m. on the same day, all 29 targets were arrested successfully.

It is understood that the successful elimination of the above two organizations is the fourth centralized operation of 3.25 series of organized prostitution cases in Wuzhou since this year.

Since this year, Wuzhou police have set up a special strike team, integrated data resources, strengthened data guidance and investigation, dug deep and expanded lines, and made full use of the five step war method, with a total of more than 600 police personnel, investigated and punished 9 prostitution dens, seized 90 key members of criminal gangs, 80 prostitutes, and 211 illegal persons involved in the Yellow River, thus realizing the organization of prostitution gangs The whole chain of attack effectively purified the public security environment and social atmosphere of Wuzhou City.

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