Why is the China Africa special summit held at this time?

 Why is the China Africa special summit held at this time?

At 8 oclock on the evening of June 17th Beijing, the special summit of China Africa solidarity and anti epidemic was held in the form of video. President Xi Jinping presided over the summit and delivered a keynote speech.

At this meeting, Africa did not attach importance to it in general. One of the organizations that sponsored the conference, the African Union, included 55 African Member States.

Discuss the most important issues with China. This friendship is extraordinary.

Why are we meeting with Africa now?

In terms of total amount, the global epidemic center is still in Europe and America. Africa accounts for 17% of the worlds population, but only 3% of the worlds confirmed cases.

This fully shows that Africas epidemic prevention and control is short, detection is insufficient, and medical capacity is backward. The crisis may lurk under the iceberg.

So it seems that the meeting between China and Africa is very timely. Its time to reassess and work together to prevent and control the epidemic in Africa.

You may have noticed that the organization and members of this conference are very wide, including the United Nations, the African Union and who, as well as many African heads of state.

Li Wengang, from the African Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, explained the meaning to tan

Such a configuration once again proves Chinas position of multilateralism on some important issues. On the one hand, it supports the important role of these international institutions represented by the United Nations and the World Health Organization in the development of Africa and some common public issues facing the world. On the other hand, we should try to increase Africas participation and improve Africas ability to solve problems on its own.

In a word, Africas anti epidemic is not just an African affair. Africas security determines the progress of global anti epidemic.

This is exactly what Xi Jinping said in his speech. Solidarity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon against the epidemic.

It is not only the current anti epidemic that needs to unite and cooperate, but also the future economic and social development needs to be put on the agenda. In the latest global economic outlook report released by the world bank, sub Saharan Africas economy is expected to shrink by 2.8% this year.

The epidemic has almost brought Africa to a standstill. The most important part of the initiative is the economy.

Africa needs more support from countries around the world. In his speech, Xi Jinping specifically called on the group of twenty to further extend the debt relief period for the relevant countries, including African countries.

Africa also needs a more stable and open development situation. Tan noted that in the joint statement of the special summit of China Africa solidarity against epidemic, all participants were calling for joint efforts to maintain the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain and supply chain, as well as to vigorously support the construction of the free trade area on the African continent.

At a critical moment, China is in a hurry for Africa, and is also working with all the participating parties to find a way for Africa.

The lack of medical resources is Zimbabwes pain. In Harare, Zimbabwe, the number of critical beds in infectious diseases hospitals is zero. Thats why when only two people in southern Africa were diagnosed, the president declared a state of national disaster.

Ho Xu, the Taiwan based journalist in Zimbabwe, talked with Tan about this matter and felt deeply that there is only one country in the world sending medical experts to Zimbabwe.

In fact, since the 1960s, China has sent medical teams to Africa, and in the form of a province to many African countries, with Zimbabwe as its counterpart in Hunan Province.

Cooperation also depends on a targeted approach. Xi Jinping made a special mention in his speech that China will start construction of the CDC headquarters in Africa within the year ahead of schedule. The purpose of this aid measure is to help Africa build its medical and health capacity and to continue the road map of Chinas consistent aid to Africa.

u25b3 Qin Peng, 23, and Qin Peng, from Angola and high school, came to China to study. Because of the outbreak, he returned to his hometown as a member of the technical team of BGI support African nucleic acid testing laboratory. In the photos sent to master Tan, its hard to hide the joy of building the laboratory.

For Africa, the biggest weakness is infrastructure.

u25b3 in the 9th edition of Africa attraction report released by Ernst & young, trends and opportunities of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the African continent in 2014-2018

Most of these projects are to build bridges, pave roads and build important buildings, leaving Africa with a foundation for development. China has built more than 1200 kilometers of roads for Rwanda, accounting for nearly 70% of Rwandas existing roads.

u25b3 Mombasa Nairobi railway was completed and opened to traffic in 2017, connecting Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and Mombasa port, the largest port, with 45 stations along the way.

China has been thinking about Africa. Most investment projects are related to industrial projects. Even for some energy projects, China will help local countries establish an integrated petroleum system of upstream oil fields, midstream pipelines and downstream refining and chemical industry through investment and project cooperation.

Resource cooperation is not a one-off business, but a space for Africas redevelopment.

The secret of China Africa Unity is mutual help and mutual assistance in one continuous line, as well as win-win cooperation and mutual benefit.

Why can China and Africa cooperate closely?

For a long time, there have been two types of cooperation with Africa: one is to seize power and hope to control African institutions and regimes; the other is to respect equality and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

In history, Africa was once a colony of European countries. After World War II, it became a arena used by the United States for political confrontation. In 1954, the United States helped Egypt to build the Aswan Dam on the Nile with us $1.5 billion, but on one condition, China could not be recognized.

Two years later, when Egypt established diplomatic relations with China, the United States immediately stopped aid and deliberately lowered the price of cotton, which accounts for 75% of Egypts export revenue. At that time, new friend China, who was not rich at that time, immediately bought 15000 tons of cotton from Egypt at the original price.

True friends are not short-sighted, but willing to water each other and treat each other sincerely.

Hu Chengping, head of the Tianjin aid expert group and director of the respiratory and critical care department of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, shared a special experience with Tan Zhu. During a hospital round in Zimbabwe, she met an African student she had taught. Now she has become the pillar of the hospital.

u25b3 Hu Chengping meets griley, an African international student who once worked as an intern in Hunan Xiangya Hospital.

China treats Africa with sincerity. In the fields of education, health and other areas of peoples livelihood, we have achieved the goal of moistening things silently.

True friends will not stay aloof, but support each other and develop together.

In the early days of reform and opening up, in fact, Chinas per capita income was less than one third of that of sub Saharan Africa, but just 40 years later, China became the second largest economy in the world, with per capita income exceeding 10000 US dollars.

On the same day that the China Africa summit was held, Tan saw Wang Yong, vice president of the school of new structural economics of Peking University, send a circle of friends to congratulate Celia, a masters student from Liberia, on her successful defense.

This masters degree comes from South South cooperation and development college, which helps Africa cultivate some high-level management talents. Wang Yong shared his feelings with Tan Zhu. The reason why Africa is interested in China is that it has similar starting points and common development expectations and goals.

China has never wanted to transform Africa, but to develop together. In the last initiative of the speech, we made it clear that we should support each other on issues involving each others core interests and jointly safeguard the fundamental interests of China, Africa and developing countries.

The word never is very precise. The good brothers of China and Africa are, are and will be.