Trump renamed the new coronavirus Kung Fu flu CNN: Racism

 Trump renamed the new coronavirus Kung Fu flu CNN: Racism

On the evening of June 20 local time, President Trumps election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was held in the Oklahoma bank center in the center of Tulsa. The focus of the US media was on Trumps platform. Six of his campaign members were positive for nucleic acid, but he didnt wear a mask and said he didnt feel dangerous.

Trump refers to the new coronavirus in racist terms, CNN just described Trumps speech in the title.

CNN: trump refers to the new coronavirus in the name of nationalism

There is no doubt that this (new crown) is a disease with more names than any other disease in history. Trump said, I can name it Kung Fu flu. I can name it 19 different versions. Many people call it a virus. In fact, it is. There are also many people who call it flu. Whats the difference? I think we have 19, 20 different versions of names.

CNN said that at the beginning of the outbreak in the United States, trump once called the new coronavirus Chinese virus, causing great controversy and dissatisfaction, and later changed his name to new coronavirus.

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia is novel coronavirus pneumonia. How can Trump call the new crown pneumonia virus and how to name it? China has to turn its attention. Global network noted that the data of the US University of Johns Hopkins showed that as of 7:33 Beijing time, at 7:33 on June 21st, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States has reached 2251205 cases, and the total number of deaths has reached 119654 in the world.

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