Former US trade negotiator: trump administration has no policy towards China

 Former US trade negotiator: trump administration has no policy towards China

The report said that as China US relations become increasingly antagonistic, the issue of decoupling has attracted renewed attention in the foreign policy circle. However, some economists have warned that decoupling would be equivalent to building huge trade barriers between the worlds two largest economies, which could lead to rising commodity prices, slow economic growth and lay the foundation for the cold war.

This would also weaken the financial and economic impact of the two powers on each other, the report said. Some scholars worry that this may lead to more frequent confrontations on security issues.

According to a report on the website of Hong Kongs South China Morning Post on June 19, the former US trade negotiator on June 18 severely accused the current US government of no policy towards China.

Charlene barshevsky, who served as the U.S. trade representative during the Clinton administration, said that the trump administrations attitude toward China is characterized by inconsistent messages from senior U.S. officials, who themselves have been rebutted by President trump.

Data picture: President trump of the United States

It tells me that the United States has no policy towards China, barshevsky said. There may be personal preferences, there may be personal statements from government officials, but that is not a policy.

The report said she spoke at a webinar hosted by the center for strategic and international studies in Washington, just as US President trump publicly refuted his trade representative, leighthezer. The latter said in parliament on the 17th that decoupling from China is not a reasonable policy choice.

Barshevsky said that even if China fulfilled its commitment to buy American goods and services, the trade deficit between the United States and China, a focus of Trumps attention, would not disappear because of such purchases.

The complexity of trade flows and Global trade makes it impossible for micro decisions to affect macroeconomic results, she said