Huawei has invested heavily in setting up a new base in the UK

 Huawei has invested heavily in setting up a new base in the UK

If Huaweis UK R & D base is approved successfully, Huaweis chip R & D strength will be further improved. Since last year, Huawei A shares and chip related concepts have gone out of the market, with bull stocks frequently emerging. After March of this year, under the influence of the epidemic and international relations, the plate ushered in a small correction.

According to statistics of securities times u00b7 Dabao, there are about 60 A-share listed companies with dual concepts of Huawei and chip. Weil and ODM, the leaders in cis field, have a market value of more than 100 billion yuan. They are worthy of being the concept leaders.

According to the first quarter report, there are 44 Huawei + chip concept shares with total positions of funds, social security and QFII accounting for more than 1% of the circulating shares, and 21 with positions of more than 5%. Zhuosheng micro, Weil and Shennan circuit all hold more than 20% of their positions. The shares of the three institutional heavyweights have performed well this year, rising 52%, 38% and 62% respectively. At the same time, the latest holding proportion of Weils northbound capital is 19.35%, which is the most favored concept stock by foreign investors.

The share price of 12 performance increasing shares has been corrected by more than 20%

According to data treasure, the stock price of Huawei + chip concept stock has risen 27% on average this year, which is equivalent to the growth enterprise market index. In addition to the secondary new shares, Jingfang technologys share price has risen 144.5% this year, with the largest increase. Crystal square technology focuses on wafer level packaging in the field of sensors, and has the capacity of 8-inch and 12 inch wafer level chip size packaging scale and mass production. It is a leading enterprise in this field in China. In the first quarter of this year, the companys performance increased greatly, mainly due to the increase of sales and shipment volume and unit price.

Since March, Huawei + chip concept stocks have experienced a general correction, with the latest price of 30 stocks retreating more than 30% compared with the highest level in the year. In 2019, the technology at the top of the Bull Stock Exchange had a total correction of 45%, with the largest retreat. In the first quarter of this year, the companys performance was lower than expected, and its net profit fell by more than 50% year on year. Among the companies with more than 20% correction in the year, 12 companies achieved positive growth in their annual reports last year and in the first quarter of this year, among which Tianhe defense, Juchen Co., Ltd. and Wentai technology ranked first.

Huaweis mobile phone shipments exceed Samsungs, ranking first in the world

This week, another Huawei related message also flashed. According to a report released by counter point, a market research institution, the global smartphone shipment in April 2020 was 69.37 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 41%. Among them, Samsungs market share was about 19.1%, while Huaweis reached 21.4%. Huawei surpassed Samsung for the first time in its history, and achieved the first place in the world. Meanwhile, 5gs sales exceeded expectations.

Samsungs decline in sales is related to the severity of the epidemic in India, the largest market. In contrast, consumption in China has gradually recovered, and consumer enthusiasm for electronic products is showing signs of rebound. In the just concluded 618 e-commerce promotion, Huawei once again became the biggest winner, and once again won the first place in the sales volume of mobile phones on that day and accumulated.

Source: editor in charge of databao: Yang Qian_ NF4425