My sisters fortune making Myth: market value soared 20 billion in six trading days

 My sisters fortune making Myth: market value soared 20 billion in six trading days

And its not just my sister who rides the wind and waves. On the day of the program launch, the market value of mango super media, the production platform, has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Up to now, its market value has soared by about 20 billion yuan

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Mango TVs homemade variety show sister breaking the waves was officially launched on June 12. The program includes 30 30 + female artists, including Yi Nengjing, serenity and Zhang Yuqi. After 3 months of training and competition, it is the first program to provide stage for female artists over 30 years old and create Anti Age music troupe. It is recognized as a summer blockbuster.

The program has attracted the attention of the whole people in the early stage of broadcasting. As of 12:00 on June 12, the topic reading volume of microblog has exceeded 3 billion + and the number of discussions is about 1.5 million. After the program was officially launched, the popularity of word-of-mouth has doubled, with the broadcasting volume breaking through 10 million in less than 3 hours, and the cumulative broadcasting volume on that day has exceeded 130 million. As of 17:00 on June 14, the cumulative broadcasting volume has broken through 340 million, and the Douban score is 8.5, occupying the top position in the recent variety content.

From Jin Chen, who was 30 years old in his debut 7 years, to Yi Nengjing, who was 52 years old in his debut 36 years, there are tranquility, Christy Chung, Shen Mengchen and Wu Xin who all bring their own body heat. The 30-year-old sister, who has the sex appeal at her fingertips, also has the loveliness and helplessness given by life. For the 30 big lady people, some people say that the 30-year-old woman has a more real perspective on life, love, career and family. With the national psychology today, the sisters attract the audience just like the forbidden city attracts tourists.

First, lets take a look at the stage style of the sisters.

During the program, when the program group said that they would introduce themselves, the queen of aura said, I want to introduce myself? Then I have done nothing for decades!

And a generation of memories of Addo, also expressed the same mood: when I left the singing world, I was scoring for others.

Zheng Xiyi, on the other hand, fired at the judges. Im going to be judged by some people who dont know what they are when theyre old. When Huang Shengyi is hungry, he directly calls the program team to deliver milk.

The program stepped on the cool spot of the audience, and my sister made great efforts to contribute melon. For example, Zhang Yuqis candid speech I particularly want a C, calmly and sincerely said that to participate in the program only because of play, Yi Nengjing replied to the staff dont let me accommodate you, please accommodate me As a group witness, actor Huang Xiaoming also incarnates from a bully president to a humble Xiaoming who serves his sister

How much money does the show make? According to statistics, the number of brand advertisements in the first episode of sister is 13 in the top 1 of the same kind of talent shows, involving beauty, food, education, science and technology and other fields. Among them, except that fanmi Lin and Jindian have separate small theater advertisements, other brands appear in the program in the form of oral broadcast, flower words and brand exposure.

And this A-share company is riding the wind and waves!

Its not just the sister who makes waves. With the program explosion, the production unit mango super media has stepped into the public vision.

On the first day of the program, the total turnover of mango hypermedia reached 752 million yuan, the total market value exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 100.395 billion yuan, and the dynamic P / E ratio reached 82.4 times.

Some people watch programs to buy members, others watch programs to buy stocks. After watching it for half an hour at 12 oclock, I think the program will burst, so I bought mango super media immediately at the beginning of 1:00, and then I quickly increased it by seven points. One shareholder shared his experience in the stock market on the day when sister riding the wind and waves went online.

In fact, mango TV has been in a strong momentum since last year. According to its financial report, in 2019, the company realized operating revenue of 12.523 billion yuan, an increase of 29.63% year on year; and realized net profit of 1.157 billion yuan, an increase of 33.62% year on year attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

In terms of membership, mango TV is also growing rapidly. In 2019, the number of effective members of mango TV has exceeded 18 million, and the overall business growth has exceeded 100% year-on-year.

From the perspective of business layout, mango hypermedia has covered the integration of the whole media industry chain from artist brokerage, content production, platform broadcast and IP game operation.

Compared with you ai Teng, mango super media relies on Hunan Satellite TV and has a content production team of more than 1000 people. Its original strength in the variety field is particularly remarkable. In recent years, it has launched a series of variety shows with national reputation, including star detective, romantic travel of wife, yearning life, our band, etc.

Some investors in the field of entertainment said that mango super media relies on Hunan Satellite TV, which has a strong content gene. To some extent, it also carries the expectation of new media transformation of satellite TV.

It is worth mentioning that mango super media or the only platform that has made profits among the four players (the other three are aiyouteng) in the long video track.

How long can the stock price burn?

According to reports released by several securities companies, the strong broadcast data of sister in the wind and waves may lead to rapid growth in the number of members and payment rate of mango TV. Baidu Index shows that on the day of the program, the search volume of the keyword Mango TV member increased nearly seven times.

Ride the wind and waves the elder sister, and also the product of the users TV platform and official WeChat official account. This is a direct economic transformation of the program effect. According to new era securities, the peripheral products of variety show are the production chain and consumption chain based on fans love for stars, programs and the items appearing in the program, which improves the economic benefits of variety show.

According to China Merchants Securities Research Report, the IP heat of sister riding the wind and waves is unprecedented, and mango will set sail again with 100 billion yuan. We have repeatedly stressed in the early stage that we should pay special attention to mango super medias heavyweight IP program sisters breaking the waves. We believe that this program is not just a pop IP, but behind the IP, it outputs values and leads the social atmosphere, giving more positive energy to the society. At the same time, we can not ignore that the IP creation of the company is not only a short-term effect, but also the companys later encirclement Elder sisters around will further develop in variety show, movie, MCN, music and other aspects. Mango super media is entering a new stage of development, and we suggest to pay close attention to it in the short term.

Tianfeng Securities said that the phenomenal products of sister breaking the waves have emerged, which once again reflects the production capacity of mango variety. In addition, variety projects such as yearning for life 4 and wifes romantic travel 4 are also online in Q2. With the gradual recovery of film and television variety projects and heavy product multiplication, we believe that the company is expected to achieve Q2 advertising month on month growth according to the early judgment, and continue to pay Continued year-on-year high growth.

From the comparison of user portraits of Baidu search key words in the recent variety show, sister riding the wind and waves is more widely distributed in age group than the womens group draft variety show Creation Camp 2020 and youth has you season 2. The age groups of Creation Camp 2020 and youth has you season 2 are mainly concentrated in the 20-39-year-old population. Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV are currently broadcasting the variety show yearning for the fourth season of life, which accounts for a higher proportion of people aged 40-49 than other programs, and less people under the age of 19 pay attention to it.

From the perspective of the gender of user portraits, the proportion of male search users of sister riding the wind and waves is higher than that of yearning for the fourth quarter of life, which is significantly higher than that of Creation Camp 2020 broadcast at the same time. The proportion of male search users of second season of youth with you is the highest. We believe that second season of youth with you broadcast during the epidemic period, the demand for long-term video viewing is higher under the trend of homestead, and people are concerned More about it.

Mango TV has established its position in the industry by virtue of the comprehensive N-generation series such as star detective, wifes romantic travel and my daughter, but the company keeps on innovating and breaking the product boundary. Sister breaking through the waves creates the first anti age talent show, brings new product model to the industry and embodies the role of mango variety pioneer, which is exactly the same The culture of continuous breakthrough makes us more optimistic about the sustainable growth of the company.

In addition, the contestants in sister breaking the wind and waves are from 30 to 52 years old. They are unique in all kinds of young talent shows. The opening text of the program is based on 30 standing, 30 encouraging and 30 Li. The program shows the independence, self-confidence, vitality and charm of women of different ages, breaks the limitations of age and secular prejudice, and delivers and Show womens value. As a provider of cultural content, in addition to the data representation of members and advertisements, mango has a more valuable positive guiding role in social public opinion and values. For the combination of variety and e-commerce, Kaiyuan Securities believes that damang plan will form a catalytic reaction of IP + KOL + brand in terms of pop-up variety, e-commerce retail and brand marketing, and the content production capacity embodied in high-quality variety can provide a basis for in-depth exploration of IP value and Realization of all-round fan operation. Whether the new business mode of variety + bringing goods can realize the commercialization and Realization of content flow, we need to pay attention to whether the sister who is riding the wind and waves and the variety artists who are chasing after the victory can stimulate the consumption demand of the core audience. Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of China Fund News_ NF4425

In addition, the contestants in sister breaking the wind and waves are from 30 to 52 years old. They are unique in all kinds of young talent shows. The opening text of the program is based on 30 standing, 30 encouraging and 30 Li. The program shows the independence, self-confidence, vitality and charm of women of different ages, breaks the limitations of age and secular prejudice, and delivers and Show womens value.